10 Best 5-Gallon Aquarium Kits


Best 5-Gallon Aquarium Kits

One of the most important steps to take as an aquarist is to provide your fish with a decent home in the form of an aquarium. A good aquarium is essential for the wellbeing of your fish.

Now that there are different species of tank fish, you should know that each one of them has its own requirements when it comes to housing them. That is why there are numerous tank fish aquarium kits to suit different species of fish.

These kits are of different shapes and measurements to serve a wide range of tropical tank fish. Out of dozens of aquarium kits on the market today, the 5-gallon aquarium kits stand out from the rest.

It is never all about a glossy design for an aquarium to be considered a perfect fit for your needs. The size and material used in its construction matters a lot.

Size and the side equipment are the two most important factors that every aquarist should look for before choosing their tanks. These two factors play a significant role in maintaining a safe and sound fish tank environment.

So, what exactly should you look for when choosing your 5-gallon aquarium kit? A complete fish tank kit should include the following:

  • A built-in filter
  • Proper lighting
  • A heater
  • Substrate
  • Water conditioner

With all these factors at the back of your mind, you can easily choose your 5-gallon fish tank kit without much of a hassle.

Top 5-Gallon Aquarium Kits Reviewed

Here is a review of our ten top-pick 5-gallon aquarium kits that you are likely to find on the market today.

1. MarineLand Nook Aquarium-Kit

The MarineLand Nook Aquarium-Kit gives you an opportunity to create an eye-catching fish tank. This kit boasts of sleek lighting, hidden filtration, and a curved edge. These three features set this aquarium apart from others and allow you to have a wider view from all angles.

With its advanced filtration, you can rest assured that the tank conditions will remain favorable for your fish throughout. This is made possible thanks to the cartridge floss that screens out all dirt and debris, leaving your tank water clean and clear.

The premium activated carbon in the filter cartridge eliminates discolorations, odors, and impurities. To keep the filtration system working, you are advised to replace the cartridge on a monthly basis.

The adjustable flow pump is another feature of great importance on this aquarium kit. This device increases the flow of water for more active tank fish but lowers it for those fish that prefer a gentler flow of water. Other features that you may like about this kit include the natural daylight effect, TetraCare(R) and budget-friendly long-life LEDs among others


  • The best tank for small tropical fish
  • Has fast and slow flow option for different fish
  • A good design to keep on a desk
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Flimsy lid and bowl
  • The filter is too big for the tank


2. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit comes with energy-efficient LED lighting to illuminate the whole aquarium.

On the other hand, the mechanical filter draws water from the fish tank and forces it through the filter cartridge. Here, the dense two-sided mesh traps the dirt, debris or any waste materials from the water.

Also, Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit has an ultra-activated carbon that it uses to remove discoloration and odors from the tank water. Clearly, this feature ensures that your tank water is clean, clear and odorless to keep your fish comfortable and healthy in the aquarium environment.

This fish tank kit is a perfect choice for your bedroom, kitchen, dorm room or even your living room. The whole kit comprises of a seamless and curved front aquarium, energy-efficient LEDs with a low-voltage adapter, black cover with a base frame, and Tetra Whisper Internal filtration system. Use a heater if your aquarium is housing tropical fish species.


  • Clear and long-lasting acrylic tank
  • Compact design, suitable for placing in confined spaces
  • Good for beginners


  • The lid is not clear
  • The filter is not efficient


3. Penn Plax Curved-Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

The Penn Plax Curved-Corner Glass Aquarium Kit is a 5-gallon fish tank kit from Penn Plax. The kit has a unique design that comprises of curved glass to make everything vivid, appealing and awesome when viewed from the outside.

The lid is designed from a clear plastic material to aid in the obstructed view from the top. In addition, the lid hinges on the top, giving you easy access to the inside of the aquarium for easy maintenance and setup. The small open space in the back of the tank enables you to install a few equipment.

This tank kit comes fully equipped with an LED lighting that is strategically located at the back edge of the tank. Additionally, the internal filter on the aquarium plays an important role in keeping the tank water clean and clear for the fish. You can adjust the filter to control the flow depending on the type of fish you are housing in the tank.


  • Well-designed aquarium with bent glass
  • Ideal dimensions for your fish
  • It is easy to assemble and install


  • Internal filter is likely to contain a few filter media
  • Noisy filter


4. Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit

Fluval Edge comes with a unique design that is both contemporary and stylish. Basically, this is a very unique cube-shaped fish tank that is likely to transform your fishkeeping hobby into an extraordinary visual experience.

Its simple and uncluttered design gives you a clear, unobstructed panoramic view inside the tank. This comes about as a result of the housing module known to conceal all essential equipment including the wiring.

Fluval Edge is a perfect choice for your office and home. This is due to the compact design that allows it to fit well in small spaces. While in your home or office, Fluval Edge will add some elements of a flash life especially to those areas that seem dull.

This kit includes a powerful LED lighting system that works efficiently while creating the ideal lighting for your aquatic living things, key among them your fish and plants. It is clear that this shining fish tank will add a ray of light to the dim areas, thus creating visual excitement. You can also have an excellent aerial view, thanks to the sealed glass top.


  • It has a creative and eye-catching design
  • Has a great lighting system complete with daylight or night light options
  • Excellent filtration system
  • Easy to set up and maintain


  • Not a good choice for Betta fish
  • Has very small open spaces for the gas exchange


5. Glofish Aquarium Kit

If you intend to stock your new fish tank with GloFish, then you should consider acquiring a Glofish Aquarium Tank Kit. The aquarium along with its supplies is designed specifically to help bring out the appearance of the Glofish.

The filtration system in this aquarium maintains the well-being of your fish while the special LED lighting system enhances the fluorescent glowing from the Glofish.

However, you can house various types of fish in this aquarium including the different types of Glofish, Tetras, Zebrafish (also known as Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) and Tiger Barbs. These fish are vibrant and you can find in greed, pink, orange, blue, red and purple colors. You can choose one or a variety of colors to stock your aquarium.


  • Blue LED lighting is great for your Glofish
  • Clear and long-lasting acrylic tank
  • Compact design that allows you to keep it in small spaces


  • The filter is not very efficient
  • The lid is not so clear as you would expect


6. Aqueon Aquarium Kit – LED NeoGlow

The Aqueon Fish Aquarium Kit is designed to add some fun and color to your room thanks to its LED NeoGlow feature. Featuring a glass tank and colorful silicone, this kit glows under the blue LED lighting to create a colorful impression in the room.

Apart from that, each kit comes with coordinating tank plants and gravel to add some liveliness to the tank environment.

This aquarium features bright colors that are likely to pop from time to time while the aquarium is working. The low profile hood that comes complete with a blue-colored LED lighting system will showcase the vibrant colors in your aquarium setup.

This equipment is available in three major colors which include pink, orange and lime colors. On top of that, there are a variety of shapes such as rectangle, cube, column, and hexagon that you can choose from depending on your taste.


  • A well-packaged starter aquarium kit
  • Full-color poster setup guideline
  • Quieter filter
  • Comes with fake plants and gravel
  • Easy to maintain


  • Does not include the heater
  • Uneven distribution of sealant


7. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Kit

If you are looking for a compact fish tank that comes complete with a contemporary design with an elevated base, then your choice should be the Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Kit. This whole set is easy to set up and install. Also, it’s easy to maintain and will look great in any room you choose to keep it in.

Its sleek and low profile LED energy-efficient lighting hood provides enough light to your aquarium. The entire kit includes an Aqueon QuietFlow filtration system, premium fish food, and water as well as water care samples to help you get started as soon as possible.

The whole kit comes in its container to protect it against any form of damage. The kit uses Aqueon cartridges in its filtration system to keep tank water conditions ideal for the survival of your fish. Its complete guide will walk you through the entire process of aquarium set up so you may not waste any time fumbling about.


  • This aquarium kit is very affordable
  • It’s a good choice for small tropical fish
  • A good choice for starters
  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Easy to maintain


  • The filter is too strong for other fish
  • The lid does not fit or snap on the aquarium
  • Strong water flow


8. JBJ Rimless Desktop 6-Gallon Curved Glass Aquarium Kit

The JBJ Rimless Desktop 6-Gallon Aquarium kit comes with all the best features that will make you like it instantly. Even though it’s small in size, its features are what make this kit a favorite choice among different aquarium hobbyists.

This aquarium kit comes fully equipped with all the essentials that any other aquarium has. For instance, the kit comprises of three-stage removable filter cartridges, dimmable two-channel LED lights and low iron glass. All these features are included to make the tank conditions suitable for your fish to thrive best.

From the name, you can easily tell that BJB Rimless Desktop 6-Gallon Aquarium kit is suitable for countertops or desktops. Besides, this aquarium kit is designed to fit in smaller spaces within your house or offices without inconveniencing you in any way.


  • Good design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • The light and the stands are weak
  • Does not come with a heater


9. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit comes with special dimensions to make it a perfect choice for smaller spaces in the house. This means you can place it on the countertops, desktops and other spaces which normal aquariums cannot fit comfortably.

Due to its design, your aquarium will look like some sort of nature picture in which aquatic animals and plants seem to grow normally.

The filtration system is so much similar to a few other aquarium portrait kits. Furthermore, this kit is equipped with advanced filter media to make filtration more efficient.

The filtration system contains foam blocks to trap dirt particles while the activated carbon removes all chemical toxins, impurities, odors, and discolorations. With the inclusion of BioMax ceramic rings, the biological filtration process ensures that your aquarium is free of impurities and other contaminants.


  • Ideal for countertops and desktops
  • Long-lasting aquarium with aluminum trims
  • Brighter LED light for the growth of aquarium plants
  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • Easy to adjust the flow of water


  • The cover does not look so appealing as such
  • Very minimal open spaces for gas exchange


10. Koller Products AquaView 6-Gallon-360 Fish Tank Kit

The Koller Product Aqua View 6-Gallon Fish Tank is a compact fish tank that is kid-friendly as well as resistant to impact. This small fish tank has a capacity of 6-gallons and is cylindrical in shape, offering a 360-degree view.

The tank is a good choice for dormitory rooms, homes, and offices where space is limited and a bit of subtle style is paramount. Its LED lighting is efficient and provides your tank with seven different colors, making it appear unique and appealing to the eye.

This aquarium has a superclean-10 internal power filter to purify your fish tank at a flow rate of about 45 gallons per hour (GPH). During this purification process, the odors and discoloration are removed completely, leaving clean and clear water.

The AquaView aquarium is built to resist impacts and it is a better choice for beginners including kids. This is because the entire kit comes with all the tools required to set up a freshwater tank habitation.


  • Great outward design
  • Compact in design
  • The unique shape which does not occupy much space
  • Easy to set up


  • Heater not included
  • Maybe fiddly to fit perfectly in small spaces
  • The acrylic tank may not meet some aquarists needs


How do You Stock a 5-Gallon Fish Tank?

From its specifications, it is clear that a 5-gallon fish tank is very small in size compared to other tanks known so far. This means that when setting up your tank, you need to ask yourself the following simple questions:

  • How many fish can be housed in a 5-gallon aquarium?
  • What are the best species of tank fish for your 5-gallon aquarium?
  • What are the best 5-gallon aquarium fish combinations?

Generally, a 5-gallon tank has a small capacity so you are only limited to whatever you can manage to accommodate there.

When stocking your 5-gallon aquarium with fish, you need to follow the rule of thumb. This rule states that you should only fit an inch of tank fish per gallon in a given aquarium. You shouldn’t get carried away with this rule because there are other species of fish that cannot thrive best in such a confined tank space.

Most importantly, you should focus on how big your fish will get when housed in a 5-gallon tank. Just stock your tank with enough fish that will stay comfortably without competing for the limited resources within their surroundings.

Also, remember that your tank can house other aquatic animals such as snails and shrimps as well as plants. In this case, ensure that there is enough space for every living thing that you will add to your 5-gallon tank.

Once you know the correct number of fish that you can house in your tank, the next step should be to choose the species of fish for your aquarium. Here is a list of tropical fish that are suitable for a 5-gallon aquarium:

  • Betta Fish
  • Honey Gourami
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnow
  • Various
  • Micro Rasboras
  • Dwarf Frog
  • Dwarf Puffer
  • Least Killifish
  • Clown Killifish
  • Dwarf Crayfish
  • Rosy Loach
  • Endler’s Livebearer
  • Cherry Red Shrimp
  • Crystal Red Shrimp
  • Ghost Shrimp
  • Nerite Snail

Basically, these are the types of fish and aquatic creatures that you can accommodate in your 5-gallon tank comfortably. To be on the safe side, you should add your fish gradually while monitoring the constant water parameters as well as how your fish is adapting to the new environment.

Can You Put Plants in a 5-Gallon Nano Tank?

The answer is yes. Plants are part and parcel of any aquarium. Whether they are artificial or live, plants play a critical role in aquascaping and balancing tank conditions for the fish to survive.

A planted 5-gallon tank not only looks good and appealing to the eye, but it also becomes the best habitat for aquatic animals. Plants are known to keep the tank water quality in check as well as preventing spiking.

For that reason, you should as well plant a few plants in your tank to provide your fish with the hiding places improve aeration and even act as a source of food for some species of fish. Some of the recommended plants that you can add to your aquarium include:

  • Java Moss
  • Anubias
  • Java Fern.

You may choose to add one of these plants or include a combination of them to create some variations.

How do you Maintain a 5-Gallon Aquarium?

Fish tanks need regular maintenance to keep them in good working conditions. Also, proper maintenance of your tank exposes your fish to the right conditions for their well-being. This is the same case with a 5-gallon tank.

Below are a few tips that can help you maintain your aquarium:

  • Make sure that your tank is cycled before adding fish
  • Make a habit of testing and monitoring tank water parameters
  • Ensure that you perform tank water changes on a regular basis
  • Do enough research on the species of fish you want to keep in your tank before purchasing it
  • Avoid providing your fish with excess food because it may go to waste and contaminate the tank
  • Manage light around and in your aquarium

With all these helpful tips at your fingertips, nothing should prevent you from keeping the conditions in and around your 5-gallon aquarium favorable for your fish.

What Substrate can you use in a 5-Gallon Tank?

If your 5-gallon aquarium is a planted type then you must use a substrate for the plants to grow well. All plants in the tank have different forms of the root system. Some of them are simple while others are a little bit complicated.

Despite the complexity, every type of roots on a plant plays a key role in taking in essential nutrients. That’s why plants stay alive and grow healthy in any environment. For the aquatic plants in the aquarium to grow well and “stand up” firmly, they must be provided with the right substrate.

There are numerous substrates that you can use in your 5-gallon tank. Most of them have different chemical compounds. Apart from that, most of these substrates have different characteristics.

Here are a few examples of substrates that you can use in your planted tank:

  • Aquarium Gravel
  • Aquarium Sand (Coral sand, Marble Chippings, Marbles, Soil-like Substrate)

Even though all substrates play a critical role in providing tank plants with nutrients and stability, the best option for your 5-gallon tank is the soil-like substrates. This is because they can be mixed and matched with a little amount of other substrates for better results.


A 5-gallon fish tank kit with all necessary features is a great choice, especially if you are a beginner. As stated earlier, this tank is one of the smallest but with the right knowledge about it, you can really make the best use of it as you advance your fish-keeping skills.

These types of aquariums come in different brands and models to choose from. For a new person, it can be confusing when shopping for your 5-gallon aquarium kit. But from the review of the ten best models mentioned above, you can easily find the right aquarium kit for your needs.

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