Best Fish for 1 Gallon Tank or Fishbowl

Fish are wonderful pets, especially for people who do not have a big physical space in their houses and are looking for a relatively low maintenance companion.

When kept in the right living conditions, fish can be good starter pets, that can help to teach your children, or yourself, how to be responsible.

Fish are quiet pets, they do not need to be walked, they do not leave a mess and most types of fish are able to recognize their owners and playful entertaining tricks.

In addition, aquariums can be a beautiful addition to any room in a home or office.

For your fish to live comfortably and stress free, you need to ensure it is living in ideal water tank requirements. One of the major mistakes some aquarists make, is to keep a fish in a very small water aquarium.

Best Fish for 1 Gallon Tank or Fishbowl

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Best Fish for 1 Gallon Tank or Fishbowl

Fish are naturally sea creatures. Their adaptation is to live in seas, oceans, swamps and rivers, where there are no walls limiting their movements. Most of them are also social animals that love to live and swim in a school or shoal.

Keeping a fish in a small aquarium, therefore, will result to a stressed fish. A stressed fish has low immunity system, which makes them susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections and they can develop a form of lethargy with poor eating habits.

Another reason one-gallon tank is not ideal for your fish is, when problems arise in the aquarium, they escalate too quickly that your fish can die in a matter of hours.

Small aquariums contain less volume of water; this means a slight change in water temperature or chemical composition can happen within minutes and hours.

Therefore, with a small aquarium, you will need to constantly keep checking to ensure the water requirements are ideal.

Creatures You Can Keep in a 1-Gallon Fish Bowl or Tank

If you have a one-gallon fish tank, there are other types of creatures that you can keep in your tank, other that fish. These animals do not mind small spaces, like fish and they do not require strict water conditions. Some of the creatures you can keep include;

– Snails

Aquarium Snails

Aquarium Snails

Snails are the best creatures for beginners to be kept in a one-gallon fish tank. They are easy to take care for and they do not require strict water parameters.

They grow to a maximum size of less than inch, therefore, you do not need to worry about space. Snails breed easily, so they multiply rapidly. Some of the best snails to keep in an aquarium are nerites from the Neritadae family.

There are over 200 species of the nerites snails, some freshwater and others salty water. They are readily available in pet stores at an affordable price.

– Shrimp

Aquarium Shrimp

Aquarium Shrimp

Shrimps are also perfect creatures that you can keep in your one-gallon tank. Like the snails, they are easy to take care for and do not need a standardize and highly monitored water levels.

They are also small in size, therefore, they will comfortably fit into your one-gallon tank comfortably.

How to Setup a Small Fish Bowl?

Large water tanks are easy to maintain. You will only need to change roughly 10 to 15 percent of the water now and then. However, for a small fish bowl, that you cannot fit a water filtration system, you will be required to change at least 50 to 100% of the water every day.

Without these regular water changes, the water in the bowl will only turn into a waste system that your pet is swimming in.

To set a small fish bowl, you will need the following care requirements:

– Tank Top

To reduce the rate of evaporation, you will need a tank top. The top will also ensure there are no debris collected from the environment around into the fish bowl.

Some fish are also active swimmers, to ensure they do not jump out of the bowl, have a tank top.

– Filter

To keep the water clean, get a filter for the fish bowl. There are small filters designed to operate in a fish bowl. Some of them include, a sponge filter, box filter or under gravel filter or corner filter.

While cleaning the fish bowl, remember it is also important to clean and vacuum the filters as well, especially gravel filters.

– Water Pump or Air Pump

To stir the water and maintain a consistent water flow rate, you will need a water or air pump.

Agitating the water makes food leftovers and other debris to be more visible hence easy to remove while performing water changes.  An air pump also helps to ensure there is adequate gaseous exchange.

– Substrate

Gravels are available in different colors and sizes. Apart from being a decorative element they also serve other functions such as filtration, give your fish places to hide and act as home to several water plants.

While cleaning the fish bowl, remember it is also important to clean and vacuum the gravel as well.

– Water Plants

Plants are also an important requirement for small fish bowl. They act as hideout spots, breeding ground, aeration, and they can also be sources of food for the fish.

In addition, having live plants in the aquarium can make it look more attractive and create a healthier environment for the fish.

How to Maintain a Small Fish Bowl Ecosystem

An ecosystem is an environment that allows interactions to take place between the biological elements such as plants and animals, and non-biological elements such as gas, water and minerals, within a definite space.

A small fish bowl can therefore be defined as a closed ecosystem that allows plants and fish to find a home, grow and develop together in a healthy and stable manner.

For the fish bowl to facilitate the growth and establishment of the interactions between different elements of nature, it has to be developed and management strategically.

The water must be changed continuously to ensure the fish is healthy, and the water plants must be carefully selected to fit the small space.

A one-gallon fish tank is a small space to accommodate any type of fish.

However, it is ideal for other small creatures such as snails and shrimp. If you intend to put your fish in a small aquarium or fish bowl, make sure the water parameters are observed all the time to guarantee a healthy fish and safe ecosystem.

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