10 Datnoid Fish Tank Mates

Setting up an aquarium with some magnificent predators such as datnoid fish inside does not have to mean that you have to give up on adding any other species to the tank.

Indeed, all you have to do is to choose the new species with caution, and you will soon have an amazing tank with plenty of great fish inside. Datnoids are fairly large fish and require massive homes.

Therefore, there will be several free spaces around for some additional species there. To ease your research on the perfect datnoid fish tank mates, here comes a carefully selected list.

1. Arowanas

Resembling a Chinese dragon, these fish with elongated bodies are believed to bring luck across some cultures, and they certainly make a nice addition to any community tank.

They are a large species able to grow up to even 4 feet, depending on the sub-species. Mostly, however, they stick around 2 feet in length. This can ensure that both of your large pets do not eat each other.

With arowanas being carnivorous predators just as datnoids, you can easily share their food and meaty tricks. And more importantly, they should not be bothering each other.

2. Common Pleco

Catfish have been a popular choice for community tanks for several years now, as they are known to be quite the peaceful pets.

Common plecos are certainly one of the suitable companions for your huge datnoids. Indeed, they manage to grow up to even 24 inches, ideally surpassing your datnoid in size.

These armored fish are omnivores and bottom dwellers, meaning that they will happily collect algae residues across your tank and helping you in maintaining it clean.

On top of that, they are nocturnal creatures, so they will greatly appreciate all those hiding spots that you have to setup anyway for your datnoids.

These two should make a well-functioning couple, but always make sure to monitor their interactive behavior.

3. Silver Dollar

Silvers dollars are surely among the most peculiar fish on the planet. Even though related to piranhas, they are actually peaceful omnivores.

And they look as they are thousands of years old, with their silvery shines and their flattened body shape. An amazing and unique addition to large community tanks!

Silver dollars are schooling fish, therefore please plan to adopt at least 5 of them to obtain a group which feels safe and has no reason to get into conflicts with your Siamese tigerfish.

4. Bichir

Special fish such as datnoids will make any aquarium look simply amazing. But imagine adding some bichirs inside that same tank. What a combo!

Bichirs are basically living fossils which resemble to real-life dragons, and they certainly make one of the most unique animals on the planet. And at the same time, they are carnivorous predators with excellent predispositions to swallow any smaller pray which passes by.

They are also known for being quite aggressive, but only with those fish which are small enough to be bullied. With large species such as datnoids, however, there should be no issue.

Bichirs prefer spending their time at the bottom of the tank, and they are nocturnal. This should ensure that your pets never have to disturb each other, but caution is obviously always needed. 

5. Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater stingrays are another of those magnificent creatures which all aquarium enthusiasts wish to display.

They look spectacular and are surely unique, with their rounded shapes and amazing patterns. On top of that, they are highly intelligent and can even learn to interact with their humans over time.

Just as datnoids, these also require enormous tanks, as they can sometimes grow up to even 2 feet, depending on the species.

However, this should not cause any cramped space for your datnoids, as stingrays will mostly be at the bottom of the tank and will basically never get into their way.

They are both carnivorous which love live food and will often refuse pellets or flakes, so you can share their meaty treats pretty often.

6. Pacu Fish

And then, there are pacu fish. Specimens belonging to this species are definitely a strange addition to any community tank.

Even though they are related to piranhas, look as just jumped out of the Stone Age, and featuring some (sometimes scary) human-like teeth, these creatures are actually quite the docile herbivorous. Moreover, during their juvenile life phase, they act as schooling fish.

To form a group that feels safe and protected, you should adopt around 5 pacu fish at first. Later, however, they seem to prefer being separated from specimens of the same species once they reach adulthood.

Therefore, you should probably plan ahead to ensure you have the extra space if needed. On top of that, they are occasional fin nippers, so it could happen for them to sometimes decide provoking your datnoids.

7. Oscar Fish

Oscar fish are generally not considered as the ideal community fish. Indeed, they tend to grow quite large in size and to reach even 14 inches over the years.

They are carnivorous fish with a quite aggressive behavior. However, when housed with especially large species such as datnoids, they seem to generally adapt very well and to avoid physical conflicts.

Even though these should accept Siamese tigerfish as their living companions, you should keep in mind that your tank will probably get re-decorated pretty soon.

These colorful designers love digging plant roots up, throwing decorative rocks over, and even to place driftwood on other places around the tank.

8. Parrot Cichlid

There is a lot of controversial talk when it comes to keeping parrot cichlids inside aquariums. The main issue which concerns aquarists is mainly connected to the fact that these fish have been bred artificially for many years now, so they basically descend from two totally different fish species.

This has led to these cute creatures having some disabilities in regard to their feeding. Indeed, their mouth is unproportionally small to the size of their bodies, so they require extra care when it comes to the sizing of the meals.

Other than that, they make amazing community fish if you decide to adopt them. Although they are quite small and tend to grow only up to 10 inches in length, they are extremely peaceful but also agile.

Therefore, securing them enough safety spots where they can hide should solve most problems and should lead finally to a well-functioning community.

Parrot cichlids will greatly appreciate all the caves and tunnels that you will provide across their captivity home.

9. Midas Cichlid

Another fish belonging to the cichlid family that makes a good fit into datnoid tanks is the midas cichlid. This particular species grows up to 14 inches in length, making it impossible for specimens becoming a meal eventually. Also, they feature amazing looks and will certainly add some great colors to your tank.

These omnivorous predators are known for becoming overly aggressive when they lack their territorial space. However, this should be solved with the massive tank you require anyway for your datnoids, so there should be no issues with their sometimes-bad temperaments.

If you choose these great looking fish for your community tank, you can get either a single specimen or even a pair. They are famous for loving to dig roots around the tank and also to eat plants, so keep that in mind before you start decorating their living space.

10. Curmuca Barb

These Indian ray-finned fish can grow up to even 47 inches during their adult phase, so they will certainly enjoy all the space you can provide them with.

On top of that, they are extremely peaceful and should avoid any possible conflict with your datnoids. Curmuca barbs are classified as omnivores, but they mainly feed on plant material such as algae and smaller insects.

Therefore, a careful decorative setup of greenery is required, to avoid your precious aquatic plants becoming eaten too soon. On the other side, however, these fish can help you with cleaning the tank out from unwanted algae.

Wrapping Up

Our research for the ten best tank mates for datnoid fish has come to an end. We hope that you have found at least one which you believe will suit your needs, but also your schedule as well as tank setup.

Datnoids are fairly sized predatory carnivorous creatures that will not hesitate to eat any fish which fits into their mouth. Therefore, size is vitally important.

This will also ensure that other species avoid getting into any conflict with your Siamese tigerfish, or even to decide on nipping their fins eventually.

Adding to that, datnoids are tropical fish and need certain water requirements to thrive. We have carefully selected the possible tank mates to meet these criteria.

Indeed, absolutely all of these fish share similar water parameter requirements so there is no danger for one of your species suffering or you having to perform major adjustments.

And finally, please always remember that these amazing creatures are impossible to predict. You should always carefully observe your pets to ensure they are getting along well and feeling safe.

Datnoids   Updated: April 29, 2021
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