27 Different Types of Molly Fish

Different types of Molly Fish refer to the diverse and colorful varieties of the freshwater fish species, scientifically known as Poecilia, that vary in size, shape, color, and fin type. 

types of molly fish

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Mollies are livebearers, meaning they give birth to free-swimming young, and are popular among aquarists for their ease of care and the vibrant aesthetics they bring to home aquariums.

Common Black Molly

The Common Black Molly has a sleek, velvety black body. You will notice that it is small, no more than four inches long. It has a flat, elongated body shape. Its fins are rounded, which makes it a strong swimmer. This fish stands out in a tank due to its dark color. Females are larger than males, with bigger and rounded bellies.

black molly fish

White or Silver Sailfin Molly

The White or Silver Sailfin Molly has a shimmering body. It’s mainly white or silver. The males have impressive, large dorsal fins. These fins look like sails when spread out. This kind of Molly grows to about four inches long. Their bodies are slender and elongated. They stand out in aquariums because of their bright color and unique fins.

Gold Dust Molly

Imagine a fish with a sparkling body like tiny flecks of gold dust. That’s the Gold Dust Molly. Its bright, golden-yellow color stands out in the water. This Molly’s fins may also show black spots or speckles. A distinguishing feature is their shiny scales, which reflect light well. Gold Dust Mollies typically grow to about 2 to 3 inches in length.


Balloon Belly Molly Fish

The Balloon Belly Molly Fish has a unique body shape that stands out. Its body is rounded and puffy, like a balloon. This Molly’s fins are smaller compared to other types. It also has a large belly. You’ll find them in colors like black, silver, and gold. They usually grow up to three inches long. The fish’s round shape makes it popular in aquariums.

balloon belly molly fish

Gold Doubloon Molly

The Gold Doubloon Molly is a colorful fish. Its body shines with a metallic gold hue. You’ll notice black spots along its sides. This makes each fish look unique. They have a flat, elongated body shape. Their fins are usually large. The dorsal fin is impressive and can stand tall. The males are often more colorful than the females. They typically reach up to 3 inches in length.

gold doubloon molly

Harlequin Sailfin Molly

The Harlequin Sailfin Molly has a vibrant pattern. Its body shows patches of black and silver. This fish has a large dorsal fin, like a sail. The males are more colorful than females. You will see the harlequin pattern mostly on males. Females are larger, but with less bold colors. Both sexes have an elegant, elongated appearance. Their stunning fins make them popular in aquariums.

harlequin sailfin molly

Platinum Lyretail Molly

The Platinum Lyretail Molly shows off a shimmering silver-white body. They have a unique, extravagant tail that looks like a lyre. This fish grows to about 5 inches in length. Its shiny scales reflect light, making it stand out. Male mollies may be smaller but have brighter colors. Their fins, especially the lyre-shaped tail, can be wide and flowing.


Golden Sailfin Molly

The Golden Sailfin Molly stands out with its bright yellow body. It has large, fan-like dorsal fins that wave gracefully. This fish grows up to 4 inches in length. Its fins may show hints of orange or black. As a male matures, its dorsal fin grows longer. Females are slightly duller and rounder. Both have a flat, elongated body shape typical of mollies.

golden sailfin molly

Red Sunset Molly Fish

The Red Sunset Molly is a vibrant fish. It stands out with its red-orange body. You’ll notice a slight gradient to yellow near the belly. This fish has a flat, elongated body. Its fins may show hints of black. The Red Sunset Molly’s eyes are small and dark. Each fish is unique, but they all share these bold colors.

red sunset molly fish

Wild Molly Fish

Wild Molly Fish have a slender body and a pointed snout. They come in different colors, usually gray or olive. Their fins are smaller than those of domesticated mollies. You will often find them in freshwater streams. These fish have adapted to their natural habitats over time.

Sailfin Molly Show Off

Yucatan Molly (Poecilia Velifera)

The Yucatan Molly is a colorful fish. It has a slim, elongated body and can reach up to 6 inches in length. You’ll see them with a mix of black, yellow, and green colors. They have large dorsal fins, which are often striking to look at. Their bodies are strong, and they move gracefully in the water. Yucatan Mollies stand out in any aquarium due to their size and colors.

yucatan molly poecilia velifera

Pacific Molly (Poecilia Butleri)

The Pacific Molly has a slender body with colorful markings. Often, they display vibrant blue and green hues. Their fins are usually clear or slightly tinted. They have small, rounded tails, unlike the larger, fan-shaped tails of some other mollies. These fish generally grow to about 2 inches in length. They are active swimmers and add a sparkle of color to aquariums.

Péten Molly (Poecilia Kykesis)

The Péten Molly shows off a slender body. You can spot them in various colors like yellow, orange, or even a hint of blue. Their fins might be bigger than others, giving them a distinct look. With shiny scales, they catch light and look bright. Each fish has its own pattern, which makes them unique. They are not too big, making them a good fit for your aquarium.

Southern Molly (Poecilia Vivipara)

The Southern Molly is a small, vibrant fish. It has a slim body with a pointed snout. Males are smaller than females and often brighter. Their fins are short but can be colorful. Southern Mollies are not as common in aquariums. They show off best in groups, revealing their full spectrum of colors. These fish are simple to spot with their lively movements and distinctive shape.

Catemaco Molly (Poecilia Catemaconis)

The Catemaco Molly is a freshwater fish with a slim body. It has a mix of colors, often displaying patches of black and silver. Its fins are usually clear or lightly colored. This type of Molly fish is not as common in aquariums. Still, when you see one, you’ll notice its bright eyes, which can catch your attention.

Amazon Molly (Poecilia Formosa)

The Amazon Molly is a unique fish with special features. It has a slim, elongated body and can grow up to 3 inches long. This fish is usually a mix of greens and yellows, with a silver sheen. Females are often larger than males. They have small fins compared to other molly species. Their simple color pattern and sleek shape stand out in any aquarium.

Cauca Molly (Poecilia Caucana)

The Cauca Molly has a slender body with shiny scales. Its colors range from silver to yellow. You will notice a dark line that runs from its eye to the base of its tail. It has a short, rounded fin near its belly. This fish is smaller than other mollies, growing up to 2 inches long. Its size makes it easy to spot in a home aquarium.

Island Molly (Poecilia Vandepolli)

The Island Molly is a colorful freshwater fish. It has a slim body with shimmering scales. Usually, you’ll see them with orange and black spots. They have round eyes and a flat dorsal fin. Their tails fan out like a small, elegant kite. The Island Molly is not too big, making it a nice fit for many aquariums.

Liberty Molly (Poecilia Salvatoris)

The Liberty Molly is a vibrant fish with unique marks. Their colors shine with a mix of blue and orange patterns. They grow up to 2 inches long, making them a medium-sized Molly. This fish has a slim, elongated body and a pointed tail. Their fins are often clear or with a hint of color. You’ll find them active and graceful in your aquarium.

24 Karat Gold Molly

Imagine a fish that looks like it’s swimming gold. The 24 Karat Gold Molly is just that. Its body shines with a deep yellow or orange color, much like real gold. These fish have a sleek shape and grow up to 4 inches long. Their fins may vary, showing different styles in different fish. These unique molly fish bring a bright sparkle to any aquarium.

24 karat gold molly

Marble or Dalmatian Molly

The Marble or Dalmatian Molly has a unique pattern. Its body is white with black spots scattered all over. This fish looks similar to a Dalmatian dog. It usually grows up to four inches long. The Molly’s fins might show a mix of both black and white regions. Its spotted appearance makes it popular in home aquariums.

marble dalmatian molly

Black Sailfin Molly

The Black Sailfin Molly is a striking fish. You’ll notice it has a velvety black body. It features an impressive dorsal fin that resembles a sail. This fin is larger in males. Its body is slim and can grow up to four inches. The Black Sailfin Molly stands out in aquariums. It moves gracefully through the water.

Black Lyretail Molly

The Black Lyretail Molly is a fish with a unique tail. This tail looks like a lyre, a kind of harp. This fish is dark in color, ranging from gray to black. It has a round body and a large dorsal fin. Its scales can have a shiny look. Males are usually smaller than females. Overall, this fish stands out with its striking tail and shiny, dark scales.

Creamsicle Molly

The Creamsicle Molly has a unique appearance. Its body combines orange and white, much like the ice cream. This fish grows up to four inches long. It often displays a mixture of bright orange at the back and white or pale yellow in the front. The males are smaller than females and have pointed anal fins. The Creamsicle Molly’s vibrant colors make it stand out in an aquarium.

Creamsicle Molly

White Sailfin Molly

The White Sailfin Molly has a sleek body with striking, large, fan-like dorsal fins. Its scales shine with a pearly white color. The males typically grow larger than the females. These fish flaunt their impressive sail-like fins especially when they are excited or during courtship. Their resilient nature and striking appearance make them a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts.

Platinum Molly

The Platinum Molly is a striking fish. It has a shimmering metallic silver body. This fish is sleek and has a flat, elongated shape. Its fins are usually short and rounded. You’ll notice its eyes are dark, which stand out against its light body. The Platinum Molly adds sparkle to any aquarium with its bright appearance.

Questions and Answers

I’ve purchased a pair of Tuxedo Gold Molly at my local pet store because I want to breed mollies. While doing some research I found your website and realize that there are red mollies too. Where can you buy red mollies? Do you have any recommendation?

    Hey Andreas! Tuxedo Gold Mollies are also known as Gold Doubloon Mollies – which are a great choice if you want to breed them.
    Red mollies are in high demand and usually there are out of stock on most online stores. These molly fish types are also more expensive than most mollies. It can cost up to $15 / fish.
    I don’t have any store recommendation for you from where to buy, so you will have to do your own research on this.

Galena Wallenburg November 2, 2019 Reply

I had a male black Sail Finned Mollie and a plain white female Mollie, they bred and their fry’s turned out to be white with black polka dots and black fins and their fins are a bit more prettier than an average Mollie.

    That is really interesting. I always enjoy seeing the results of any crossbreeds. Do you have any pictures of the fry?

I recently started an aquarium, and went from 5 fish to 25. I don’t know what to do with all the fry. Where can I learn about selling them?

Sonal dengane February 4, 2020 Reply

Hi fabian. I have nine month old red sunset molly in my pond. Previous i have kept it in a small pond. But one month before i kept it in large pond with koi fishes. From last fee days i have noticed that my molly has large sailfin on his back, which was previously not there. My husband told me told he is changing his body according to the pond size… can u guide me with that. Is it a good sign?Or shall i keep mollys saperately in another pond?

    The size of the pond is definitely affecting how fish develop. In larger ponds and higher temperature, molly fish will develop much faster. The sailfin on his back is not because of the pond, but this is a genetic thing. You are lucky to have one sailfin molly. You could take this molly and breed with some female mollies and see how the fry will look like.
    You don’t necessarily need to separate your molly into another pond, though if you want to breed them, you might want to spawn them in a separate space to keep the fry safe.

SHANNON M MULLIGAN April 23, 2020 Reply

My Panda Molly (Doubloon) dropped 4 fry about a month ago, they are all completely black except for a sliver of silver on their belly fins. Will they develop more color as they get bigger? They are all growing very well and were released into the community tank today. I am pretty sure that the daddy molly is also a panda, but it is possible that it was a dalmation. We only had the dalmation for a few weeks, as he became aggressive and we brought him back to the store.

    Molly fry will change their color overtime. It is pretty hard to tell what type of mollies the fry are, if you don’t know exactly their ascensions.

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