Pearl Gourami Size: How Big Do They Get?

Pearl Gourami is a freshwater fish often found in pet stores. Native to Southeast Asia, it’s named after its beautiful pearlescent body. These tranquil and attractive swimmers make an excellent addition to a well-maintained aquarium. As a tropical species, they require warm water conditions to thrive. Perfect for beginners, they’re hardy and easy to care for.

pearl gourami size

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What is the Average Size of Pearl Gourami?

Pearl Gouramis, known scientifically as Trichopodus leerii, occupy an average size between 4-5 inches (10-12.7 cm). Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a measure that includes the full of their ventral fins!

  • The actual length of a Pearl Gourami encompasses its body.
  • It’s important to remember that any extra length they possess due to their ventral fins is not included in this measurement.

The size of these Trichopodus leerii varies, but without the ventral fins, they more typically veer towards the 4-5 inch range.

Pearl Gourami Body Length
Without ventral fins 4-5 inches (10-12.7 cm)

Pearl Gouramis are known for their impressive, elongated ventral fins. So, while their actual body size lies within the already stated range, if you’re gazing at them in the tank, they might appear slightly larger.

You see, their fins add a fascinating dimension to their physical presence, making them look larger than they are. It’s a beautiful illusion, one that adds to their attractiveness and appeal in the aquatic pet realm.

Remember, there’s much more to these fish than meets the eye. It’s their size, along with their vibrant colors and distinct behaviors, that make Pearl Gouramis a captivating addition to any aquarium.

What is the Growth Rate of Pearl Gourami?

Understanding the growth rate of Pearl Gouramis is crucial. They are tropical fish with a moderate growth rate.

  • Facilitating Growth: To facilitate this growth, feed them a properly balanced diet. This includes a mix of flakes, pellets, brine shrimp, and daphnia.
  • Growth Pauses: Their growth may pause during colder months and during periods of stress.
  • Remarkable Growth Rate: Despite these hindrances, Pearl Gouramis showcase a remarkable growth rate.

Before we analyze their growth rate month-by-month, keep in mind that these rates can differ due to factors such as diet, water quality, and overall fish health.

In the first month, the Pearl Gouramis will be quite small, often less than an inch (2.54 cm) in size. By the end of the second month, they potentially grow to about 2 inches (5.08 cm). Resuming their moderate growth, by six months, they can reach a size of around 3.5 inches (8.89 cm).

Finally, they reach their full body length between 8 to 12 months. Adult Pearl Gouramis will be around 4-5 inches (10.16 – 12.7 cm), excluding their ventral fins. Again, this timeline can fluctuate based on the conditions of their environment and diet.

Here’s a simple breakdown of growth:

Months Size (imperial) Size (metric)
First < 1 inch < 2.54 cm
Second ~ 2 inches ~ 5.08 cm
Sixth ~ 3.5 inches ~ 8.89 cm
8 to 12 4-5 inches 10.16 – 12.7 cm

Understanding these specific growth rates will help you plan the size of your aquarium and the quantity of fish you can comfortably accommodate. Ensure they have enough space to thrive.

Are There Size Differences Between Male and Female Pearl Gourami?

Indeed, there are noticeable differences between male and female pearl gouramis when it comes to size.

Males, typically, are slightly larger, with their length ranging from 4.5 to 5 inches (11.5 to 12.7 cm). It’s fascinating to observe that a part of their length isn’t just the body. Stunningly, the ventral fins do contribute to its additional length.

On the other hand, females tend to be marginally smaller. They measure up to 4 inches (10.16 cm). However, one should remember that these differences are marginal and within the natural variation between individual fish.

  • Males: 4.5 to 5 inches (11.5 to 12.7 cm)
  • Females: Up to 4 inches (10.16 cm)

Interestingly, another distinguishing aspect is the change of color in the males. A visual spectacle, males develop a rich, bright red breast as they mature. The vibrant red color is stunningly visible during mating, making them one of the most striking and colorful aquarium inhabitants.

To summarize:

  • Size does indeed differ between male and female pearl gouramis.
  • Males tend to be slightly larger with a length of 4.5 to 5 inches including their ventral fins.
  • Females typically top out at 4 inches.
  • The red coloration of the males’ breast provides a distinct visual cue to their gender.

It’s the combination of these key characteristics that makes these uniquely fascinating creatures a stunning addition to any aquarium.

When do Pearl Gouramis Reach Full Size?

Known for their stunning colors, Pearl Gouramis add grace to your aquarium. But when do they reach complete size? Pearl Gouramis usually attain their full size within 10 to 12 months under ideal conditions.

  • Milestones:
    • At 4-5 months old, these fish can reach about half of their adult size, approximately 2-2.5 inches
    • After reaching half of their adult life, roughly around the 5-6 month point, their growth rate may slightly decline
    • Once they hit the 10-12 month period, most should reach their adult size of 4-5 inches

But remember, every fish grows at its own rate. These estimates are based on normal, healthy conditions.

Now, you might wonder, – “Can my Gourami grow larger than 5 inches?” In rare cases, if you provide an ideal environment with adequate space, nutrients, and care, Pearl Gouramis may supersede the average size.

Don’t rush the growth. Forcing a rapid growth can lead to health issues and reduced lifespan. Instead, give them the appropriate care and let them develop at their own pace. It’s the journey that matters, not just the destination.

So, enjoy observing your Pearl Gourami mature. And be excited to know that you have a role to play in their growth journey! In our following section, we explore what exactly influences the Pearl Gourami size.

What Factors Influence the Size of Pearl Gourami?

Several aspects play a pivotal role in determining the size your Pearl Gourami will grow to. These include:

Feeding – One of the major components influencing Pearl Gourami’s size is nutrition. If these fish are fed high-quality food regularly, they can reach their maximum potential size. However, a diet that lacks necessary nutrients can stunt their growth and affect their health.

Aquarium Conditions and Capacity – The conditions and size of your aquarium directly impact your Pearl Gourami’s growth. Smaller, overcrowded tanks can limit their growth, while spacious, well-maintained tanks can promote their development. Provide them with a generously-sized tank (at least 20 gallons) to allow ample room for growth.

Genetics – Just like in humans, genetics are an indisputable factor. Pearl Gourami’s genetic makeup, inherited from their parents, dictates their maximum potential size. This natural size limit cannot be changed, no matter the external conditions.

Health and Disease – Health problems can negatively affect the size of your fish. Pearl Gouramis, when met with diseases or prolonged periods of stress, may experience stunted growth or even weight loss. Proper health management and regular checks are crucial.

The table below summarizes the factor that influences the size of Pearl Gouramis:

Factor Description
Feeding Affects their size directly
Aquarium conditions Smaller aquariums can limit growth
Genetics Dictates their maximum potential size
Health and disease Health issues can stunt growth

Remember, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for your Pearl Gourami will allow them to thrive and reach their full potential size. Keep these factors in mind as you care for your Pearl Gourami.

How do Pearl Gouramis Compare in Size with Other Species?

When seeking to understand the size of Pearl Gouramis, comparisons with other species can be highly enlightening. Bear in mind that these gourami fish are not categorized as “large” within the fish keeping hobby. In fact, at their maximum size of 4-5 inches (approximately 10-12 centimeters), these peaceful aquarium dwellers are often considered “medium-sized” species.

Here’s how Pearl Gouramis stack up against other familiar freshwater fish:

  • Betta Fish are smaller, typically reaching lengths of around 2.5 to 3 inches (6-8 centimeters). Male Betta’s may sometimes reach up to 3.1 inches (8 cm) in mass captive breeding.
  • Guppies have a size range of 0.6-2.4 inches (1.5-6 cm), making them much smaller than Pearl Gouramis.
  • Angelfish, on the other hand, far exceed gouramis, attaining a typical size of 6 inches (15 cm), but they can grow up to a whopping 10 inches (25 cm) in captivity.

It pays to consider the size differences among fish species for numerous reasons:

  1. Tank Size – Larger species may require more spacious tanks for comfortable cohabitation.
  2. Compatible Species – Some predatory fish may view smaller species as potential meals. It’s essential to know their size before introducing them into your existing aquarium community.
  3. Aquascape Design – Larger species might damage delicate plants or displace aquarium decorations.

Pearl Gouramis measure up as a mid-sized freshwater fish viewed against all their peers. They’re certainly not the smallest species you could keep but neither are they the most colossal. Their relative size does help make them a versatile choice for many different aquarium setups. They offer balance and beauty to any aquatic hobbyist’s collection.


Understanding the size and growth patterns of Pearl Gouramis can greatly enhance your fishkeeping experience. Remember, while most average 4-5 inches, numerous factors can influence their size. We would love to hear your insights, so please leave a comment below to share your experiences with Pearl Gouramis growth and size.

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