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AquariumNexus is focusing only on fish keeping, though there are many hobbyists, including myself, who keep other pets too such as dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, pet mice, snakes or something else. If you are looking for information about pet fish you are definitely in the right place!

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The Ultimate Pet Directory used to be a collection of websites about different pets. Unfortunately, this information is not available anymore, but I work hard to provide you with fresh and helpful tips about fishkeeping.

Aquarium fish have been a staple in households for decades. There are many different types of aquarium fish that all have unique traits and requirements. Fish can be bought at pet stores or online, and they need to be housed in aquariums that the owner either builds themselves or buys premade.

Many experts recommend that owners build their own aquarium because premade ones are often too small for the intended species.

Here, on AquariumNexus, I try to write about as many fish species as I can. The most popular fish varieties, that I keep or have kept over the years are as follows:

If you want to learn about these or other fish species, please browse this blog. If you have any questions regarding a specific fish or about fish keeping in general, please send me an email through the contact page.