Do Angelfish Need An Air Pump & Bubbles?

If you have just started out with angelfish, you could be asking yourself a myriad of questions. One of the common questions that could cross your mind is whether or not angelfish needs an air pump to survive.

Although angelfish cannot survive without oxygen, they typically don’t need an air pump or bubbles.

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 They don’t also need oxygen diffusers to survive. And some species of angelfish like bettas will do just fine without these apparatus. However, in case you are not sure whether the species you are keeping needs extra air apparatus or not, it is wise to consult your vet. You can also do simple research on the internet.

You need to understand that there are certain circumstances where air bubbles cause stress to your angelfish. If you notice any unusual fish activity in your aquarium, it is best to get rid of the bubbles.

How Do Oxygen Exchange Works In The Water?

Typically, oxygen exchange that helps fish breath occurs through water surface agitation. Surface agitation refers to the process that fosters vital exchange between the oxygen that enters the aquarium and the carbon oxide that exits it.

This process is essential because it creates breathable environments for animals living in the water, including your precious angelfish.

Surface agitation is, therefore, vital for the survival of aquatic life. A water environment that lacks surface agitation will result in the suffocation of the fish.

Fish and other forms of aquatic life need oxygen to survive. Surface agitation ensures that your fish receives the right amount of oxygen for optimal survival, growth, and development.

Surface agitation can be produced naturally under ideal circumstances or artificially with the help of an aerator or filter, as in the case of most home aquariums. The process takes a few minutes to set up and operationalize.

Do Angelfish Need A Filter?

Fish do need a filter. If you are setting up your aquarium, it is advisable that you only use the best water filter that guarantees exceptional performance. 

A suitable water filter should work optimally to remove all unwanted chemicals such as ammonia and nitrates from the water. Additionally, a filter will come in handy in providing an oxygenation bay agitating the surface water.

Typical water environment comes with 95 percent less oxygen when it is compared to a typical air environment. Besides, natural environmental factors such as wave movements dissolve oxygen into the water.

However, aquariums cannot benefit from such turbulence, and that is why you need filters to ensure the fish receives adequate amounts of oxygen.

Angelfish can only live for about 12 hours in an aquarium that comes without a filter. If your aquarium is overcrowded or unhealthy or sets up inappropriately, it will take less time for your fish to die if the filter is missing.

Can I Use Live Aquatic Plants To Oxygenate Water?

 Live plants are not only for decorating your aquarium. Studies reveal that most freshwater fish prefer living in aquariums that feature live plants rather than the ones with plastic ones.

Typically, live aquatic plants play a vital role in creating a natural environment for your angelfish. They get rid of ammonia, phosphate, and nitrate from the water.

This will make the aquarium environment healthier, clean, and adequately oxygenated. Besides, some live plants produce oxygen to boost the level of oxygen in the aquarium.

An aquarium that comes with enough live plants will  also provide your fish with a shade from where they will hide from glaring light. They also prevent your fish from a stressful environment that could be outside the tank.

Besides, live plants will provide a home for smaller, shyer fish from where they will escape larger aggressive counterparts. And live plants will also provide your fish with a suitable breeding ground. They offer ideal surfaces for fish to deposit and fertilize the eggs.

 And if you want your live plants to grow healthy, then you should provide the following environment:

  • Ensure there is sufficient light – sufficient light is crucial to help in the photosynthesis process. If your tank is deep, ensure you use a stronger lighting system that will provide enough lighting.
  • Proper substrate – a suitable substrate will ensure that the plants are providing with enough nutrients for root growth and development. Use fine gravel or sand as they provide an appropriate environment for the live plants. Don’t use dirt or loam soil as they tend to offer a conducive breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  • Include nutrients in the substrate – ensure the substrate you are using comes with adequate amounts of nutrients that will support the growth and development of the live plant. Use suitable plant food sold in pet stores to supplement the nutrients naturally found in the soil.

Some of the live plant species that you can grow in your aquarium include amazon sword, guppy grass, hornwort, and guppy grass.

Can Angelfish Die From Lack of Oxygen?

 Yes, angelfish, just like most animals, will definitely die if they lack an adequate amount of oxygen. You should understand that as the temperature rises, the oxygen level in the water decreases rapidly.

And when the temperature increases to above 32 °C, the oxygen in the water reduces to dangerous levels. Under such circumstances, your fish will die due to suffocation.

Typically fish don’t breathe air directly. However, they still take in oxygen that dissolves in the water environment. In a case where the oxygen levels drop too low, it is a recipe for disaster.

That is why it is crucial to install an aeration device like a filter in your aquarium. If your aquarium is crowded, ensure the aeration device you install is supplying enough oxygen to prevent a fish kill. Angelfish can only survive for about 12 hours in an aquarium that has low levels of oxygen.


Angelfish are a perfect pet choice for you. They are not only easy to manage but are also a source of much fun. They will undoubtedly add a lot of beauty and grace to your living space.

If you are considering keeping an angelfish, then this article will help you make the right decisions concerning your precious pet.

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