Angelfish and Gourami – Can They Live Together?

Community aquariums look amazing as they offer the possibility of housing several different species in one ecosystem. Therefore, it is not a surprise seeing so many fish keepers look for the best tank mates for their favorite fish species, but such combo needs to be fully functional.

Pairing up two or more species that do not feature complementing temperaments or, even worse, do not share the same water parameter requirements can quickly develop into a real disaster.

In this article, we are analyzing whether angelfish and gourami fish can live together. Both species are extremely popular nowadays and they actually make a suitable match.

They share similar water specification needs but also the same nutritional preferences, so taking care of them does not have to exhaust too much of your time. However, there are several factors to be extra careful about.

Keeping Gouramis with Angelfish

Angelfish and gouramis can be kept together in the same tank, however, there are few things you should know before housing these two fish species together. 

– Choose Young Fish

Angelfish present quite peaceful pets. They feel most comfortable when kept in smaller groups, even though they are not typical schooling fish which you can observe swimming in a coordinated way.

When they grow into their adult phase, consequentially, they tend to develop a slightly territorial behavior and can become aggressive from time to time. They can still function with their small group, but they can also be separated and continue through their life into pairs.

Furthermore, angelfish are famous for being highly responsible and caring parents, both female and male specimens. Indeed, they take care of their youngsters for a time period of about 2 months, and they become overly protective towards them.

In order to avoid such extreme aggression, it is highly recommended to adopt young fish when placing them into a community tank. This will ensure that they can adapt to each other while still not having developed a territorial behavior.

And finally, it is probably better to house just one gourami male along with several females, as this seems the most functioning solution for them to not develop hostile temperaments.

– Aquarium Size

In order to design a suitable home for your fish, you should ensure they are getting enough space. Otherwise, you may be risking for your pets becoming stressed but also feeling threatened and therefore either suffering or being antagonistic towards their tank mates.

Angelfish usually require around 10 gallons of water per adult, but a minimum starting size for a pair should be around 30 gallons to provide the best conditions possible.

Gouramis, on the other side, do not need more than 5 gallons of water per fish, but this is subjectable to oscillations depending on the sub-species.

– Aquarium Plants

Plants are always a good idea. They improve oxygenation levels, they make every tank look prettier, and they offer a feeling of protection to your beloved pets. Therefore, the more the merrier!

Angelfish love tall plants as they mostly stick to the upper levels of the tank, similar to gouramis. Additionally, angelfish will highly appreciate any plant with a large leaf surface, as this is an ideal location for them to scatter their eggs before spawning.

Gouramis, on the other hand, will be extremely thankful if there are floating plants provided, as this is where they will choose to attach their bubble nests.

Apart from plants, you may certainly add some nice decorative rocks or caves, as these all add to the natural looks of the tank as well as to the safety feeling amongst your fish.

– Feeding Schedule

Angelfish are quite the fussy eaters, and they will probably try reaching out for some food even when it is not their feeding time.

Therefore, planning your meals and how you offer them to your pets is extremely important, as this is one of those situations where physical conflicts can become intense.

You can feed both species once or twice per day, and their meals can basically be shared as these omnivores need similar nutritional requirements. Try feeding them on opposite sides of the tank, so they do not bother each other while eating.

Will Angelfish and Gouramis Fight?

Occasionally, your fish may fight, and this is just an unavoidable part of the risk when keeping community tanks. Even though angelfish are considered to be quite peaceful pets, they can surely become extremely aggressive during the breeding phase.

Moreover, they are overly protective of both of the eggs but also of their fry once hatched. Male gouramis also tend to become extremely territorial and hostile whenever another fish approaches their bubble nest.

To minimize the chances of your favorite pets getting into a fight, you should provide them enough space so they can basically stick onto their own parts of the tank and do not have to interact. Plants are also greatly helpful in providing enough shelter spaces as well as sight barriers.

Will Gouramis Eat Angelfish Fry?

Yes, gourami fish will definitely eat angelfish fry whenever they get a chance to. They are omnivores and when they see such a tiny fish passing by, they obviously see it as food. And the same goes for angelfish.

They too will eat gourami fry if it fits into their mouth. This is simply part of their natural instincts and there is nothing you can do about that other than separating your fry (from both species) into an isolation tank until they grow enough.

Wrapping Up

When there are two fish species that are that interesting and you cannot choose between one or the other, community tanks can be a great solution to house them both. However, such setup comes with its own risks as well as several precaution measures to adopt.

Angelfish and gourami fish are thought to be a good match. Even though they can both become territorial and aggressive during their breeding cycle, they are generally considered to be quite docile creatures and should function well in a community aquarium.

With plenty of space and several plant choices, you should be able of keeping a happy gang for several years.

Angelfish   Gouramis   Updated: May 5, 2021
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