Can Angelfish Survive Without a Filter? 

Angelfish are among the most popular freshwater fish kept by most aquarists, both beginner and experienced. Angelfish belong to the Chichlidae family and are most commonly known for their graceful swimming performance.

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They are a great addition to a community tank, generally peaceful and they can live peacefully with most other types of fish. However, like any other type of zichlids, they can be aggressive towards one other especially when trying to pair.

Angelfish originates from Tropical South America, in the quiet slow-moving water, including Amazon River and its tributaries. Wild Angelfish are silver with black vertical stripes. However due to cross-breeding, angelfish sold from pet stores have diverse colors and different shapes of fins.

Angelfish are easy to care for type of fish. They can comfortably live in different water conditions, although their ideal settings are temperatures of around 78 and 84 °F, pH level of between 6.8 and 7.8, slightly warm, and water hardness of approximately 54 to 145 ppm.

Water changes should be often, at least 10% weekly or 25% after every two weeks. Although angelfish can thrive well without a water filter, it is highly recommended to use one in your aquarium to keep the water clean and well aerated.

To help you choose the right filter for your angelfish, below are different types of filters that you can use;

What Filter do Angelfish Need?

So, what type of filter is best for angelfish? What are the different aquarium filter options you can choose from? Here I explain the different filter types:

– Canister Filter

A canister filter is an efficient filter that gives you an option to choose the kind of filter media to provide, whether biological, mechanical, or chemical filtration.

Canister filters have pipes, valves, or sieves that draw water from the aquarium, run it into an external filter media or pressurized canister, then pump the clean filtered water back into the aquarium through a spray bar or spillway.

Canister filters are very efficient, when maintained well, in a tank that has angelfish. They are ideal for medium to large tanks since they can filter large amounts of water efficiently. 

– Sponge filters

Sponge filters are among the easiest and most popular types of filters sold at pet stores. They are easy to use and set up and highly recommended for both beginner and veteran aquarists. It has three main components, a sponge filter, an air pump, and airline tubing.

The air pump sits outside the tank, pushes air through the airline tubing into the sponge filter that is set in the tank. Since the sponge has a hollow cavity, bubbles rise, drawing water through the sponge walls. I

n the process, particles from the aquarium are mechanically collected on the sponge. Also, the sponge gives beneficial bacteria that aid in water filtration, a platform to grow.

Sponge filters are easy to clean, durable, and require very minimal maintenance. They not only ensure clean water in the aquarium but also enhance proper water circulation.

– Hang on Back Filter

Hang on back filters are popular among aquarists because they are compatible with most aquarium styles, easy to install and do not occupy space in the aquarium. These types of filters are hanged at the back of the aquarium.

They are very efficient because they are capable of providing all the three types of filtration, chemical, biological, and mechanical. There are different types of hang on the back filters. Consult from a pet store the best type that can be used for angelfish aquariums.

Do Angelfish Live Longer with Water Filter?

Angelfish are a handy type of fish and easy to take care of. In the wild, they have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. In captivity, angelfish can live up to 15 years in ideal water conditions and with an appropriate diet.

Angelfish need stable water parameters to thrive. Without a water filter, the water will become toxic for the angelfish inhibiting their immune system which will lead to death.

If the aquarium has no water filter, is crowded and unhealthy, an angelfish will die within 12 hours.

Do Angelfish Like Strong Water Flow?

To keep your finned friend comfortable, it is important to replicate their natural habitat conditions in the aquarium. Angelfish live in slow-moving water in their natural habitat.

Strong water flow causes stress to an angelfish and hinders them from eating. To maintain a stable water flow for your angelfish, get a filter that has an adjustable flow rate.

Do Angelfish Need Air Bubbles?

Air bubbles in an aquarium are created by air pumps. Air pumps generate water turbulence via upward movement of bubbles which increases oxygenation in the tank.

Angelfish do not necessarily need air bubbles, for them to survive they need well-oxygenated water.

You do not need to buy an air pump for water aeration, rather, the output of the filter pointed to the water surface can oxygenate the water very well.

Filtering the Aquarium Water with Live Plants

Water plants are not only used for decoration in an aquarium but also they are great water filters in an aquarium. Adding plants in the aquarium helps to create a more natural ecosystem for your fish, keeping it healthy and comfortable.

Plants also provide shelter, hiding space, and breeding space for your fish. Water plants filter the water by producing oxygen and absorbing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia, produced by the fish.

You can use fast-growing aquatic plants such as water weeds, hornwort, amazon frogbits, duckweed, guppy grass to filter the water. You can also use non-aquatic plants such as the Pothos plant that provides excellent water filtration.

Wrapping Up

Angelfish are beautiful fish. You can watch them for hours as they gracefully swim across the aquarium. Although they are easy to take care of, they have optimum water parameters that must be observed.

To keep the water in the ideal condition, it is important to have a water filter for your aquarium. Without a water filter, you would need to keep changing the water often to ensure it does not contain toxins that will harm your angelfish.

To ensure your finned friend is healthy and comfortable, get a water filter, or have live plants in the aquarium.

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