5 Best Aquariums Battery Backup for Power Outages

From winter blizzards to summer storms, many parts of the world are prone to severe weather conditions throughout the year.  Among the several threats that homeowners and companies face during these times are prolonged power outages.

Make sure to keep your aquarium tank safe from power outages by installing one of the following five aquarium battery back-ups.

Best Aquariums Battery Backup for Power Outages

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Best Aquariums Battery Backup for Power Outages

1. CyberPower BRG1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System

Made by the CyberPower company, this battery backup comes fully equipped with automatic voltage with the capability of supplying 1500/900W of power. It has the boost/buck technology that enables it to provide an uninterruptible clean AC to up to two tanks at once.

With this system, lighting is not a thing to worry about. Its integrated composite circuitry protects it for both EMI/RFI filters and the lightning. Alongside that is the customizable panel that allows users to alternate its sensitivity, illumination and personalize the audible alarms.

On its rear is a multifunctional LCD panel. The panel scripts detailed information that you may need to know about the device at any given time. The information contained include battery conditions and capacity, estimated run time, load capacity and many more.

In light with the new advancements in this model, the company has added another extra feature–the automatic voltage regulation. This feature stabilizes the incoming AC signals. Through this, it can maintain the output power (usually 120 Volts) while at the same time, maintaining both the high and low voltages in the system.

The model also comes handy with a surge protector. This tiny piece of a device protects the overall system from the unnecessary transient voltage (a significant increase of power above the designated level of flow in an electric circuitry).

AT the face of the backup battery are two USB ports (2.1 Amp shared). The ports are used as charging pots for both computing devices such as smartphones but also to charge the system.

Lastly, the mini-tower device comes handy with a 2-year warranty from its manufacturer. Covered in the warranty are its cardinal parts that entail the battery, $500,000 connected equipment and the power personal edition management software. This software is freely downloadable.


2. APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector

Made by APC, this advanced technological device serves as both a surge protector and battery back up. Its surge energy rates to as high as 789 joules.

Unlike most models by the same company, this device comes handy with 10 outlets for seamless connectivity. Among these ten outlets are USB ports and battery-protected surge-only outlets.

The surge-only outlets are uniquely designed to reserve power capacity, minimize run-time for the connected equipment when using the UPS battery back-up and provide transient energy protection for even the less critical equipment.

When you change the utility power and/or any USP power conditions, the system runs an audible alarm that provides notification for the same.

Additionally, the system runs an automatic self-test on most of its functionality for early detection of all batteries that need to be replaced.  It does not also spare the faulty batteries or the drained ones.

You don’t need to dismantle the system to replace its battery. It comes with lower Mean Time to Repair feature that enables fast battery replacement through swipes.

One of the most important features in the device is the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). The feature minimizes system crashes and significantly increase the batteries’ lifespan by stabilizing its voltage outputs to prevent low voltages. It protects the battery by eliminating discharges.

Most people fall in love with its ornamental graphics display. The system displays key information about the device in the form of texts and diagrams. Some of the information shown on the display include system parameters, modes of operations and all alarms.

This system has been tested and approved by the relevant agencies for safety. It uses several USB connectible outlets that can be used for both USB and UPS ports. The manufacturer provides a lifetime data recovery warranty for uneventful occurrences relating to data loss.


3. Tripp Lite UPS Battery Back-Up

The Tripp Lite 1500VA is a great all-around backup battery system by Tripp Light company. It works great for areas that experience both short and long blackouts.

Designed to produce 1500VA/ 900W Smart LCD Battery Uninterruptible Power supply, the device is not only ideal for tanks but also other computing devices such as PC systems, printers and other electronic accessories. For PCs, the system features an excellent run time of up to 90 minutes, and then another 10 Min half-load run-time.

At the back of this device are ten outlets for seamless connections. Five of these outlets are designed to provide surge protection and UPS Power Back up for electronic accessories such as desktops, LCD, Keyboards, Wireless Router and more. You can use any of these outlets for your tank. These outlets are lined at the right-hand side of the system from the top.

Lined at the right-hand side are other five outlets. Unlike their counterparts, these outlets only provide surge protection. They are ideal for electronic devices that are not essential during power outages.

The system also comes with the AVR feature that protects from overvoltages during connection. The Automatic Voltage Regulator also corrects brownouts. It features TEL/DSL/Ethernet protection for power conservation during critical blackouts.

The batteries used in this system is freely replaceable. You can freely hot-swap batteries or replace any depleted battery after the elapse of the 3 years warranty attached to the battery. Additionally, the system comes handy with free management software. You only need to connect it through the USB port to a tertiary electronic device to run this software.

Lastly, the system comes with a 3-year limited warranty and an additional $250,000 ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment. For smooth running, make sure to keep this system in an environment featuring an operating temperature range between +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. bXterra UPS BM1500AVRLCD Battery Backup

bXterra is the second mini-tower UPS battery backup system in our list. It comes loaded with a lot of features like the Automatic Voltage Regulation to prevent overvoltages and under voltages when connected to any suitable systems.

Five of these outlets are designed to provide UPS power backup and protection from transient energy to electronic devices such as desktop, monitor, LCD and Keyboard. You can connect your tank on any of these

The system features a wide range of applications. Other than the aquarium tank, it can be used with PCs, desktops, networking equipment, gaming consoles, home theatres and many more.

Like most of its counterparts, the system also comes with 10 outlets at the back. Five of these outlets provide energy star backup powers and surge protection.

Whereas, the remaining five only protect against power surges. The connections are tested and certified by accredited agencies before releasing into the market.

The general aesthetic of this device is brought into the limelight by its superior multi-status LCD screen. The screen is auto-shutoff to minimize energy waste.

It provides crucial information about the system including battery status, remaining run-time, load and other UPS data. All the information is easy to read texts and diagrams.

To keep it running during a power outage, the system features a replaceable battery. Once depleted, all you need is to source a new bXterra batteries for the Uninterrupted Power supply.

To gauge its efficiency, bXterra–the designer company–passed this system through a series of 24-point quality assurance, assessment and testing. It features a superior quality standard in fabrication, design and general materiality.

bXterra 1500VA UPS has also been tested for sturdiness, stringent vibration and operational temperatures. For materiality, the company used sturdy plastic for the body. Its 6-gauge power cord features a thick gauge for both high-end efficiency and durability.

This system is not also left behind. It comes handy with a 3-year limited warranty that covers the battery and UPS. It also comes with a $400,000 guarantee for the connected equipment. This guarantee lasts for 3 years from the day of purchase.


5. AmazonBasics Standby UPS Surge Protector & Battery Backup

The last in our list of reviews is the AmazonBasics Standby UPS Battery Backup by AmazonBasics. This system is mainly for small electronic devices. It works excellently for small aquarium tanks with low-rated power consumption.

It features a UPS power input and battery back up of 600VA/ 360 W respectively. This is the force behind its usability in desktop computers, IoT devices, home entertainment devices and home networks.

However, before connecting any electronic accessory to the system for battery backup, it is advisable to check the total power consumption of the device.

You may need to programme the backup system to a load below 80%  of the accessory’s power rating to achieve optimum performance.

This medium-sized power backup features 8-outlets. Four outlets are specifically for surge protections while the rest are for both surge protection and UPS power backup. All the outlets are 5-15R NEMA rated.

The system is connected to the grid using a 5-foot cord. The cord is NEMA 5-15p right angle and comes handy with a 45-degree offset plug that is suitable for 120V-50Hz/60Hz ratings.

Other than the beautiful appearance, this system features a small, compact size. You can easily carry it around and install it anywhere from the homestead to the office environment. It comes with a 1-year warranty back-up from AmazonBasics limited.


Why Use a Battery Backup for Your Fish Tank?

Some of the reasons why you need a battery backup for your tank include:

To Ensure Uninterrupted Oxygen Supply

When installing an aquarium tank, your first concern was to keep the water oxygenated. This is the reason why you had to install filter pumps, powerheads and/or circulation pumps.  During a power outage, all these systems cease to function.

First of all, there will be no water circulation in the tank. The process of oxygenation will stop.  Additionally, detritus and other tank matters will start to settle at the bottom of the tank. Less and less oxygen will diffuse inside the aquarium waters.

On the other hand,  as your fish are breathing,  they will take in more and more oxygen gas as usual,  and breathe out carbon (IV) Oxide to your tank environment. Bottom line, your pet will gradually start to suffocate and finally die when the power outage prolongs.

To Prevent Ammonia Spike in the Tank

Ammonia toxicity,  similar to “old tank syndrome”  is one of the most fatal occurrences in aquariums. To prevent the spike of ammonia in an aquarium tank, filters are installed to help with the break-in cycle. In this cycle, both biological, mechanical and chemical processes play substantial roles.

A prolonged power outage will lead to accumulation of debris in the form of excrement, food leftovers, and other aquarium wastes. The beneficial bacteria will not be able to handle the growing nitrate accumulation as the decaying matters decompose. This leads to an ammonia spike and ammonia toxicity that will finally kill all your pets.

Secondly, when power outage shuts the filter media, the bacteria colony will collapse hence impairing the biological process of filtration. This is the number one cause of ammonia and nitrite spike.

To Prevent pH Fluctuations in the Tank

In an aquarium tank,  pH fluctuation is due to factors relating to:

  • Adding highly acidic or basic water in the tank during cycling
  • Adding gravel made for marine tanks in your freshwater tank.
  • Crushed coral peats and other decoration in the filter media or general aquarium environment.
  • Adding chemical additives that react with the tank water and other accessories.
  • high-level of carbon (IV) oxide concentration.

To balance the pH in an aquarium, filters and air pumps are used to remove excess wastes that can generate gases. However, all these accessories will not work under power outage.

Therefore, as the respiration process continues under limited amounts of oxygen, the emitted carbon (iv) oxide will accumulate, leading to a spike in pH. For species of fish that are highly sensitive to pH, that means death.

How Long Can Fish Survive Without Power?

Averagely, aquarium fish can survive for about two to four days under power outages. However, this is not absolute. The time can be longer or shorter depending on factors such as.

Number of Fish Matter

During a power outage, the fish are left with only one option–to breath on the dissolved oxygen by filtering water through their gills.

When the fish tank is overstocked there will be too many fish that breathe on the limited oxygen and exhaling Carbon (IV) Oxide in return. This will lead to faster suffocation as compared to when only one fish resides inside the tank.

Besides, too many fish generate a lot of waste and ammonia. The water parameters will become unbearable within a short time hence resulting in death.

Size of the Aquarium

Your tank size commensurates the volume of water it holds. Fish will survive longer in the large-sized tank due to the high amount of dissolved oxygen it contains.

Health of the Fish

The health of your fish dictates their immunity level. Under good health, the fish can stay longer since their system will take sometimes to give in to the severe environmental conditions.

Age of the Fish

Bigger fish have higher metabolic rates as compared to fries. On the other hand, bigger fish have stronger immune systems as compared to the young ones.

However, adult fish occupy large space in the tank and will be deprived of oxygen faster than the fries.

Can You Oxygenate Water Without Electricity?

To be precise, YES you can. Some of the applicable ways to oxygenating your fish tank in the absence of electricity include:

The Cup Method

Using a clean cup, pitcher or any type of container, scoop the aquarium water until it hits the vessel’s brim. Then, slowly pour the water back.

Repeat this process while focusing on the substrate at the bottom of your tank.

Using Aquatic Plants

Plant use carbon (IV) oxide and release oxygen at night. This is the reason why you will hardly see fish suffocate in a large aquarium with plants inside.

Under prolonged power outage, increasing the number of plants inside the tank can help a great deal in keeping the water aerated.


UPS Battery Backup systems are shaping how many aquarists perceive tank safety. Don’t leave your hearty pets to succumb to suffocation and tank breakdown due to power failure.

Buy one of the reviewed backup systems and stay on the brighter side of the world.

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