5 Best Betta Fish Tanks – Review & Buying Guide

Bettas are popular aquatic pets, primarily because of their stunning colors. While the pets are commonly kept in small bowls and containers, the practice is misguided because they need adequate room to feel comfortable.

In the wild, bettas live in rice paddies and shallow streams in Southeast Asia. The fish, therefore, prefer gentle currents as well as regular patterns of light and nighttime.

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Best Betta Fish Tanks

You will also need to equip your tank with an effective filtration system to keep the water parameters stable and suitable. Some betta fish tank kits to consider include:

1. MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

The Marineland 5-Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is designed to brighten up any home. The 5-gallon tank has the advantage of being the minimum size recommended for bettas.

The portrait orientation is another feature that stands out with this kit. It is suitably compact to fit smaller spaces while still retaining significant volume.

The aquarium is made of sleek glass that contributes to its high-end aesthetic. The glass feels sturdy and durable, and it is stunningly clear to give you excellent underwater views from different angles.

The tank also has a hidden back-panel filtration system to help you conceal your heater and filter. Marineland has included a Rite-Size Z Cartridge, an adjustable flow filter pump, and Marineland BioFoam.

The filter pump is particularly important to ensure that you do not expose your bettas to a strong current and end up stressing them.

The 3-stage filtration will also keep your tank free of toxic elements like ammonia. With the filtration system out of sight, you can avoid crowding up your nano aquarium and promote a neat look.

The kit also features LED lights, which will uniquely complement a planted tank. The lights are characterized by two modes of operation and a 3-position switch.

The white LEDs cast a shimmering light in the tank and create tropical colors that the bettas will relish in. The blue LEDs produce a moonlight glow in the water to give the tank a serene nighttime feel.

The kit includes a base and a glass canopy that can slide to the back of the tank for smooth feeding and maintenance.


2. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

This aquarium kit from Tetra will bring a slice of the underwater world to your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even dorm room. Tetra is a reputed company in the aquarium community, and they created this kit as a beginner’s companion to the hobby.

The acrylic tank will give you great views of your fish while being more portable than glass. Acrylic compartments are also less prone to breakage, but keep in mind that they scratch more easily.

The curved front provides additional depth and beauty to the setup and adds a stylistic edge to any space. Tetra has committed themselves to giving your betta fish ample space to roam with this kit. It is also easy for water parameters to be stable in a bigger tank.

You get an internal filter with this kit, which is useful in keeping the aquarium clean. The mechanical filter will trap debris and waste and leave the water clear and pristine. The Activated Carbon provided will further remove odors and discoloration.

It is easy to clean the filter, and you can re-position it to manage the water flow. The filter is impressively quiet, which means that you can position the tank in places like a classroom.

The lighting features of the kit are also commendable. A 16-LED light panel is well-incorporated in the background of the aquarium, and it creates a soft shimmer in the water. The lights are waterproof and easy to work with and install.

One glaring con with this kit, however, is the large feeding hole that can make it tempting for bettas to jump. The filter is also kind of bulky for most aquarists.


3. GloFish Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting & Filtration

This kit is easy to assemble as it is made with beginners in mind.

The 5-gallon curved-front tank is constructed of acrylic, and it will provide excellent views. You also get LED lights to enhance the setting for your fish, where the blue hues of the lights will highlight the tropical colors of your bettas.

The filtration system of the kit includes a medium-sized filter cartridge and a medium bio-bag. These components work to promote the right water conditions in the aquarium.

The kit also includes a transparent cover, although the lid can be a bit flimsy to use.


4. Koller Products Panaview 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

This kit features a 5-gallon tank that is made of impact-resistant plastic, which provides crystal-clear clarity. The views are as superior as those from a glass set up. The one-piece construction promotes durability and sturdiness.

You do not have to worry about leaks as you would with glass tanks that are pieced together using glue. The kit is also safe to use with children without worrying about breakage and damage.

The kit also delivers multiple LED colors to enhance the aesthetics of the aquarium. The energy-efficient LED panel provides seven color choices and an additional four transitioning and color combinations.

The color choices include red, daylight white, aqua, amber, purple, and red. The lights will illuminate your fish and bring out their lively colors.

A robust internal filter purifies the water at a flow rate of 45 gallons per hour. It uses Tetra Whisper S Replacement filter cartridges to remove pollutants like ammonia, odors, and heavy metals.

The aquarium will especially appeal to beginners who want a kit that will setup immediately since you do not need special tools to get it running. The patented hood design promotes hassle-free maintenance.

The hood tilts upward to let moisture to trickle back into the aquarium. With other tanks, the hood has to be removed, and water often gets all over the place.

The kit’s filter can, however, get noisy, but it is very effective.


5. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

This 5-gallon nano aquarium will provide an exciting home for your bettas. It will especially suit small areas like desktops. The etched glass tank with aluminum trim combines contemporary design and functionality into a compact and neat package.

The lighting system is a standout feature on this kit. The stylish overhanging lighting panel consists of 37 LED lamps, and it arches above the tank to offer stunning illumination for fish and plants.

The high-output 7000 K LED delivers 20% brighter lighting performance for strong plant growth and bolder fish colors.

The kit also includes a 3-stage filtration system to keep the aquarium clean and clear. The honeycomb design on the tank helps to conceal filtration and maintains a neat look.

You also get a low-voltage transformer and a circulation pump with an output nozzle.


What is the Minimum Aquarium Size for Betta Fish?

If you do not have a lot of space, a 5-gallon tank is the minimum size of a betta tank to consider. Some hobbyist forums recommend a 2.5-gallon tank, but while your pet will survive in the container, it will not thrive as it would in a bigger setup.

Under no circumstances should you keep bettas in bowls and similarly-sized items. Water parameters are hard to keep stable in small bowls, and you will only expose your fish to a toxic environment. A larger tank enables you to keep up with the waste buildup.

I, therefore, recommend a 5-gallon tank as the minimum aquarium size for betta fish, although they will survive in smaller setups.

Can You Keep Two Betta Fish in the Same Tank?

The number of bettas that can inhabit one aquarium mostly depends on their gender. Female bettas are more tolerant of each other than male bettas.

Male bettas are known for their aggression towards one another, which earned the fish the moniker “Siamese fighting fish.” In the wild, the males simply retreat to another part of the ecosystem.

In an aquarium, however, the males can even fight to the death. Do not keep two male betta fish in the same tank.

Experienced aquarists are better-equipped to keep a male and a female together in one tank. The two will need a big tank with lots of hiding spaces to tame the aggression of the male.

Generally, it is better to keep female bettas together than males.

Will Betta Fish Jump out of the Tank?

While bettas are tiny fish, they are active jumpers and can jump two to three inches out of the water or even higher in some cases.

This does not mean that your fish will jump whenever they spot an opportunity, but some situations will make them more likely to jump.

Bettas will mostly jump if your tank has poor water quality. Ammonia is incredibly toxic to your betta, as are other pollutants like nitrites. The fish do not also respond well to sudden changes in water parameters.

Keeping your betta is small bowls and containers will also make them likely to jump. Your betta can feel stressed or cramped in a small space, especially one without a lot of plants and decorations.

Pollutants also build up quickly in a small tank, increasing the likelihood for your fish to jump.

Your pet will also jump if you leave your tank uncovered. If your betta jumps, you have an allowance of 10 minutes before the gills dry up and become dysfunctional.

Put the fish back to the tank quickly, and add some aquarium salt to engage the gill function.

Can You Add Live Plants to Your Betta Tank?

Live plants are a recommended addition to betta tanks. They will stimulate your fish as they explore the tank, and also provide hiding spaces. The common live plants in betta tanks include:

Java Fern


Java Fern

The Jave Fern can tolerate low lighting, and they are easy to maintain. When planting the java fern, ensure you do not bury the rhizome in the substrate.

You can easily anchor the plant on driftwood and rocks. While the Java Fern is a slow grower, it can reach up to 13 inches high if left alone.

Marimo Balls

Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Ball

Aquarists love Marimo Balls for their aquariums, and it is easy to see why.

They absorb nitrates and other impurities and act as organic filters for tanks. Bettas can be seen rolling around the balls like toys and resting on them.

Marimo balls are actually algae, and since they feed on the same nutrients as algae, they will shield your tank from algal invasions.

The plant will grow in indirect lighting, but you will need to rinse them of the waste they have accumulated over time.


Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

The Anubias plant is quite popular with tropical aquariums. It is easy to grow and will thrive in various environments.

You can either root Anubias in the substrate, leave it floating, or attach it to driftwood and other decorations.

The plant will not grow too big in a 5-gallon setup, and it does not need additional fertilization.

Amazon Sword


Amazon Sword

The Amazon Sword is recognizable for its broad green leaves that add a welcome touch to any aquarium. The plant will, however, need a large tank as it grows as high as 3 feet.

It will also need a thick substrate layer to root well and will provide good hiding spots for your fish.

How to Keep Your Betta Fish Happy?

Caring for your betta will involve creating a comfortable environment for them. Keep the fish in at least a 5-gallon tank, which should be equipped with heating and filtration systems.

Bettas are happy when they are kept in clean water, which means that your aquarium should be free of pollutants and elements like ammonia. A 10% water change for a 5-gallon tank should be done every week.

By decorating the tank, you will provide your bettas with spots to hide and play. Create caves using plants and other objects, and leave open areas for swimming.

You should ensure that you feed your betta with appropriate flakes and pellets. Bettas need a high-protein and varied diet that includes brine shrimp and mosquito larva.

Keep your betta stress-free by looking for disease symptoms and avoiding aggressive tank mates.


Brands like Fluval, Tetra, MarineLand, Glo Fish, and Koller Products have beginner-friendly 5-gallon kits for bettas.

A good kit will have most of the accessories you need to set up your betta in a healthy home like a filter, lighting, and an adjustable flow pump.

Setting and maintaining these kits is easy, but ensure you maintain stable water parameters for your fish.

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