10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Fish as Pets

Did you know fish is the third most popular pet kept by human beings? Apart from dogs, which is the most common and cats, many people opt to keep fish as pets in their house or offices.

People are also now preferring to keep fish as pets because most of them live in small rental spaces and fish do not require a large physical space.

In addition, there are many varieties of fish available in pet stores of different colours, sizes, shapes, species and either freshwater fish or a salty water fish.

Why Fish are Good Pets?

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Why Fish are Good Pets?

So are you wondering if you can keep a fish as  type of pet you should keep in your house? Below are 10 reasons why you should keep fish as pets:

1. Fish Are Easy to Care For

Fish are independent pets. They do not need to be entertained or walked each day. As a matter of fact, they entertain us.

You do not have to worry about your fish suffering from anxiety after leaving them alone in the house for a whole day. In addition, if you need to be away for a while, all you need is a person to ensure they are fed and the aquarium is clean. Fish are easy to take care for.

You will only need a few minutes to feed them each day and at least half an hour per week to change the water in the aquarium or to clean the tank.

2. Well Maintained Fish Tanks do Not Smell

There has been a myth that fish tanks can have a foul smell. Well, that is true if you do not maintain your tank. A neglected fish tank will have green water resulting from growing algae, and cloudy slimy water.

A well maintained fish tank, on the other hand, will have clear water that allows you to enjoy the view of your fish with no accompanied odour or smell. To maintain your aquarium, you will need equipment such as water filter to clean the water, and a regular tank cleaning and water change schedule.

With a good working filter, you do not have to worry about the fish’s organic waste too.

3. Aquariums Look Good

This is the main reason why people keep aquariums in their houses. Aquariums are aesthetically pleasing and they make a room look attractive. Fish also come in different varieties, species, colors, shapes and sizes.

They also make the aquarium to look colorful and lively. Keeping an aquarium in your house will promote feelings of serenity and peacefulness. An aquarium adds life and make a house or office help you to connect with nature. Fish pets are also good conversation starters.

Ever had visitors in your house but did not know what to talk about? Having an aquarium in your house will raise eyebrows in admiration and curiosity leading to a great conversation start up.

4. Most Aquariums are Low Maintenance

Aquariums are low maintenance compared to other pets. With a fish, you do not have to worry about acquiring a pee mat, grooming equipment such as brushing the dog’s teeth or training your pet to use the washroom.

For the aquarium, once you buy the aquarium, water filter, thermometer, water pump or any other equipment, you can be sure they will last long and you do not need to go to the shop now and then to replace them.

Cleaning an aquarium and changing the water is also not a task you are required to do daily. On average, you will only need a few minutes to confirm the water quality is okay for your fish and all other equipment are functioning normally.

5. Fish are Fun to Watch

Watching fish as they swim in the aquarium fun to watch. Fish are active pets, they spend their day interacting with their tank mates, digging the aquarium’s substrate or swimming from end of the aquarium to the other in pure curiosity. Sometimes, the fish interact with the people near the tank.

Apart from being fun to watch, they are also therapeutic. This is the reason why many doctors, therapists and dentists have aquariums in their waiting rooms. Keeping fish or just watching them for a short time has plenty of health benefits.

The major health benefits associated with watching fish include reducing blood pressure, reducing heart rate, reducing stress, reducing disruptive behaviours and improve eating habits. Watching fish brings and restores a state of mental calmness and brings a form serenity.

6. Most Fish are Not Expensive

Compared to other pets, fish are less expensive to keep. The cost of buying one small fish cannot be compared with the cost of buying a young dog or cat.

Their food is also not expensive as compared to the cost of buying food for other pets.

Fish will only need small portions of food each day. However, the cost and maintenance depends on the type of fish that you decide to keep.

The fancier the fish you buy, the more expensive it is to maintain and take care for.

7. Fish are Quiet

Fish are quiet pets. There will be no day they will make any sound, ever. Unlike other pets such as cats and dogs that can be loud at an inconvenient time, such as at night disrupting your sleep, fish will always remain quiet in the aquarium.

Fish are therefore suitable for young families and offices. They will not growl or bark at your visitors or cause a scene with loud and angry voices. If you love a quiet and calm environment in the house, then you should consider keeping fish as pets. The loudest noise that comes with fish keeping is actually from the equipment such as filter and water pump and not the fish themselves.

However, with modern technology, most of these equipment are reasonably quiet. On the other hand though, if you forget to feed your fish, they will not make sounds to remind you. Therefore you will need to create a reminder system.

8. You can Choose from a Range of Species

Fish are available in different varieties, species, shape, size and colour. You can choose a fish pet that you like from the different available varieties.

You can also choose to keep different species in your aquarium to add more colour and vibrancy. However, make sure the fish are compatible to avoid cases of bullying and aggression in the aquarium.

There are fish that are easier to keep and maintain for beginners, as you gain expertise, you can advance to fish that require more attention and care.

9. Most Fish are Playful

Just like dogs that are loyal and friendly to the owner, fish are also playful and some of them poses some very interesting personalities including the capability to recognize their owner.

It is just hard to tell if a fish is being friendly or just going about their business because there is a glass wall separating people and the fish. However, you can teach your fish to do some fun basic fish tricks like, playing soccer, following your finger, swimming through a loop, eating from your hand, jumping out of the water or coming to the surface of the aquarium to be petted.

Training and playing with your pet fish will lighten your mood and reduce stress levels.

Fish will also teach your children on how to be responsible and the importance of taking care of living things. As they feed, take care and maintain the aquarium, they will learn valuable skills.

10. Fish do Not Make Your Home Dirty

Keeping fish as a pet, you do not have to worry that they will pee on your carpet, or leave traces of fur on your upholstery, or have to clean up their toys after playing. A fish is confined in the aquarium.

The only cleaning you will need to do is in the aquarium. Cleaning an aquarium is not a daily task. You can schedule to clean and change the water in your aquarium after two weeks.

However, it is important for you to understand that fish keeping is not always fun and games. You will need to pay more attention to your fish, especially as a new aquarist.

Be ready to handle some major drawbacks such as algae, health problems, few known fish veterinarian, cleaning the aquarium, cost of medicine and on the worst case, sadness when the fish dies.

Wrapping Up

Keeping fish as a pet comes with many health benefits for instance reducing stress. They are also relatively cheaper, easier to take care for compared to other pet options, do not take up much space and they do not make much mess.

Once you get started, you will always wonder why you had not discovered fish pets before. It is like exploring a new dimension of life. Learning more about fish, communicating with other people about your new hobby and enjoying watching your new finned friend swim up and down the aquarium.

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