Scarlet Badis Size: How Big Do They Get?

Scarlet badis are a vibrant species of percoid fish renowned for their small size. Particularly popular among aquarium enthusiasts, they fill spaces with splashes of rich color. Known for their peaceful nature, they are a wonderful addition to your aquatic family.

scarlet badis size

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Scarlet Badis Photo by Brent Stephenson CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What is the Average Size of Scarlet Badis?

When considering keeping a Scarlet Badis in your home aquarium, one essential thing to keep in mind is the size they grow to. It’s important to ensure your aquarium has accommodations that fit their size.

The Scarlet Badis, also known by the scientific name Dario dario, is one of the smallest percoid species in existence. Its size is one of the key features that make it a popular choice for nano and small aquariums.

On average, the size of the male Scarlet Badis ranges around 2 cm or 0.79 inches. This size is just about the length of a common house key, cinching their stature as diminutive. Now compare this with the females—yes, they’re even smaller! Expect lady Scarlet Badis to typically reach a size of around 1.3 cm or 0.51 inches – approximately half the size of your average postage stamp.

Owning a Scarlet Badis requires a very contained space. In fact, the size of Scarlet Badis is part of their considerable allure. As they are small in size, it allows the possibility for even the most space-limited hobbyists to enjoy the richness of keeping fish. With these sizes in mind, you will adequately provide the right home for these truly unique, albeit small, fish.

What is the Growth Rate of Scarlet Badis?

Let’s explore the growth rate of the Scarlet Badis. This is a component vital to its overall size. Scarlet Badis have a slow growth rate. They do not grow rapidly like some other fish species.

  • Growth rate specifics: They can reach their adult size in approximately 6 to 9 months.

However, the growth rate is not uniform and varies from fish to fish. Factors influencing this rate include:

  • Overall health
  • Care provided
  • Diet
  • Water parameters

A healthy fish, given proper care and a nutritious diet, will grow on track. You should keep the water conditions optimal and ensure that they are not exposed to stress which can stunt their growth.

Scarlet Badis may take longer to reach full size if the environmental conditions are poor. In such instances, a Scarlet Badis may only grow at half the average speed, thus showing a slowed growth rate.

Keep in mind, although they grow at a slower pace, appropriate care throughout their growing period will ensure a healthy, vibrant Scarlet Badis. Your careful efforts will help maximize its overall size growth. With meticulous care, these tiny pets can delight with their vivacity and bright color.

Are There Size Differences Between Male and Female Scarlet Badis?

Absolutely, there are differences in size between male and female Scarlet Badis. An upbeat splash of information on this topic awaits you.

Male Scarlet Badis, usually, do not exceed the size of 2 cm (0.79 in). That’s their maximum growth limit and they are known for their small size within the community of aquatic enthusiasts. They may be small but make up for it with their vibrant colors and active behavior.

  • On the other hand, female Scarlet Badis are even smaller.
  • Typically, they measure around 1.3 cm (0.51 in).
  • Despite their size, they have a charm of their own with their subtle coloration and timid behavior.

To grasp the size difference more visually, let’s tabulate these dimensions:

Gender Size in cm Size in inches
Male 2 0.79
Female 1.3 0.51

It’s noteworthy that their small sizes do not hinder their popularity among aquarium hobbyists. Like a low rumbling bassline, the size difference between male and female Scarlet Badis is a fundamental aspect that adds to their intriguing persona. Just remember, they may be small, but they leave a large impression!

When do Scarlet Badis Reach Full Size?

Becoming acquainted with the timeline of a Scarlet Badis’ growth is as fascinating as it is worthwhile. Let’s dive in and detail, when do Scarlet Badis reach their full size? Don’t hold your breath in suspense; allow me to satisfy your curiosity.

Scarlet Badis usually attain full growth within five to six months. The standard deviation is often minimal, with variations largely spurred by variables such as diet, environment, and overall health. So, if you’re nurturing one, expect your petite and colorful friend to bloom into maturity in half a year.

Now, you might be wondering:

  • Can they grow faster? In optimal conditions, Scarlet Badis can mature a bit quicker. However, rapid growth is not always beneficial or conducive to a healthy lifespan.
  • Can they grow slower? Yes, they can. Stresses such as poor diet, inadequate water conditions, or a lack of companionship can substantially slow their growth.

So, creating a favorable environment is key to ensuring your Badis friends blossom into their full-bodied splendor within the usual timeline. Remember, balance is essential. Striking a perfect equilibrium between brisk and slow-paced growth guarantees a healthy, happy Scarlet Badis.

Bear in mind, success in raising Scarlet Badis to full size is reflected not only in inches but also in vitality and vibrancy. You will watch them grow not only in body but in spirit. Therefore, patience, good care, and a close eye for detail are your friends in this fulfilling journey. Onwards to more Badis wonders!

What Factors Influence the Size of Scarlet Badis?

The size of a Scarlet Badis fish is not solely reliant on its genetics. Various factors can drastically influence their size.

Environmental Conditions: First on the list is the environment. These creatures appreciate well-planted tanks with plenty of hiding spaces. So, a more natural, stress-free environment enables healthier growth.

  • Water Quality: Scarlet Badis need clean water, high in oxygen, for optimal growth. Maintain a proper pH level between 6.5 to 7.5.
  • Temperature: Water temperature also plays a role. Maintain it between 68-77°F (20-25°C) for ideal growth conditions.

Diet: Just as with humans, diet heavily impacts the size of Scarlet Badis. They prefer live food, and a varied diet can stimulate better growth.

  • Live microorganisms, like Daphnia and Brine Shrimp, are perfect.
  • They also love micro worms and daphnia, which supports their growth.

Tank Size: Despite their tiny size, Scarlet Badis prefer spacious tanks. These range from 10 to 20 gallons (37.8 to 75.7 liters). A crowded tank can stunt growth due to stress.

Age: Scarlet Badis reach their maximum size around six months. Over this period, their rate of growth usually slows down.

Lastly, keep in mind the health of your Scarlet Badis is more important than its size. Focus on providing the ideal environment, nutrition, and care, which can foster a healthier, longer life for your fish. These conditions may also lead to the Scarlet Badis reaching their maximum potential size.

How do Scarlet Badis Compare in Size with Other Species?

Interestingly, the Scarlet Badis is among the tiniest individuals in the percoid fish category. Now, how does this small-sized nature of Scarlet Badis compare with other species?

  • Take Betta fish, for instance. A typical Betta fish is roughly between 2.5 to 3 inches (6.35 to 7.62 cm) long. From this comparison, Betta fish are generally larger than Scarlet Badis.
  • Next up are the Guppies. They can reach sizes of up to 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) in length, in captivity. Still, Guppies are bigger than the Scarlet Badis.
  • Considering the Tetras, they’ve quite a range, between 1 and 2 inches (2.54 – 5cm), following the species. Keep in mind, some Tetras would still surpass Scarlet Badis in size, even at their smallest radius.
  • Neon Tetras also make for an exciting comparison. This species tends to grow to about 1.2 inches (3cm). On the higher end, they nearly match the size of male Scarlet Badis. However, considering the minimum size, Scarlet Badis still lose the size battle.

When you’re stacking up Scarlet Badis against other popular aquarium species, the tiny Scarlet Badis is usually at the bottom end of the size spectrum. Remember, though, it’s not size that matters, but the vibrant colors and energetic personality that make the Scarlet Badis a fascinating addition to any aquarium, regardless of their pint-sized stature.


The Scarlet Badis is a tiny and fascinating species whose size varies with factors like diet and environment. Even though they are diminutive in size, they certainly make up for it with their vibrant colors and captivating behavior. What has been your experience with the size of your Scarlet Badis? Please share your experiences and insights in the comment section below.

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