Yucatan Molly Fish – Care, Feeding, Breeding & Requirements

The largest of the Molly Fish, this breed screams dominance. Both the male and female look like the Sailfin Molly Fish, but are larger and longer. The male’s dorsal fin is much more flamboyant having 20 rays as compared to the Sailfin’s 14 rays. Yucatan Molly Fish should not be populated with other Molly Fish as they will try to breed with them.

They are a docile, community-oriented fish and can live peacefully with other peace-loving fish.


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Housing Yucatan Mollies

Yucatan Molly Fish are not as easy to maintain as the Sailfin Molly or the Shortfin Molly. First, they need a large, at least 40 gallons, well-aerated aquarium that is in direct sunlight. During the winter, a heated tank is necessary. If the Yucatan Molly does not have a large tank, their dorsal fin will not develop. Since the water temperature needs to be higher than that of the Shortfin and Sailfin, their ideal roommates would be Swordtails, Gouramis, Danios, Rainbowfish, Barbs, Plecos and Scavenger Catfish.

These fish require the salt-treated water and do not do well in freshwater. They are perfect for salt-water tanks and will be an asset in helping keep the tank clean.

If you want baby Yucatan Molly Fish, then the males and females should be separated in two different tanks during the winter and reunited in the spring so that they will breed.

Feeding Yucatan Mollies

Yucatan Molly Fish are basically vegetarians, however, they do enjoy the occasional animal protein such as mosquito larva. But this is gourmet dining, not the norm. These fish will eat the algae in the aquarium but because of their larger size, there is often not enough to go around.

It’s actually not good for them to have too much animal protein which includes basic fish flakes. By giving them more vegetables, it contributes remarkably to their overall good health. The females give birth to larger and stronger young.

You can subsidize your Yucatan Molly Fish’s diet with algae wafers, vegetable flakes or you can boil some spinach, peas, lettuce or cucumber to give them. Just cream it and give it in tiny portions. Feeding them the occasional bloodworm, brine shrimp, or blackworm should be done sparingly, no more than once a week.

Yucatan Molly Breeding

The Yucatan Molly Fish will give birth to 20 to 60 young at one time, however, they can produce up to 200 over the course of a year. As with the other Molly Fish, it is best to separate the female but these females need to be in a separate aquarium, of at least 25 gallons, not a birthing bin. Birthing bins can stress the pregnant female, causing her to miscarry.

Add a lot of vegetation, as the newborns will be hungry. Since the Yucatan is considered a wild fish, separating the female from her young in not necessary as she is far less likely to eat them and the newborns instinctively know to hide in the vegetation. But be sure your female is “wild”. If you’re not sure, place her back in the general population, away from the newborns.

Yucatan Molly Fish Videos

Featured Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poecilia_velifera

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