10 Cool Aquarium Fish with “Mustache”

The thought of a fish having a mustache sounds ridiculous. However, if you are an aquarist, you must have come across fish with structures around their mouth that make them look like they have a mustache.

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If you are looking for such type, below are ten cool aquarium fish with mustache:

1. Corydoras Catfish



Corydoras catfish are small adorable aquarium fish that you will enjoy having in your aquarium. They are very small fish, which makes them look like they are underdeveloped.

Some are slightly larger than others, and they have a distinctively little cute mustache.

They also come in various colors, making your aquarium look intriguing and exciting. They are ideal for small tanks and are easy to take care of, feed once in a day, and change their water after a few weeks.

They are ideal for small rooms, and watching them swim in the tank with their little mustache is very therapeutic.

2. Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Pleco are also catfish that belong to the most popular tropical aquarium fish sold in most pet stores.

They are commonly known as dark fish because they are mostly dark in color with white speckles, however, there are also albino forms of Bristlenose species.

Bristlenose Pleco is a relatively larger fish. Bristlenose adults grow to an approximate length of up to 13 cm, and they also have a small cute mustache.

Bristlenose Pleco matches with many other freshwater aquarium fish. They are also great for cleaning algae in your tank.

3. Leopard Danio

Leopard Danio is a variety of the famous zebra danio. It is popularly also known as handsome fish by many aquarists.

Like all danio species, leopard danios have small whiskers, that look like a mustache.

It only grows up to about 6 inches in length and has a brownish-gold metallic color that is speckled with many bluish spots. There are also a variety of leopard danio that has been developed to have long flowing fins.

This variety is known as longfin leopard danio. Leopard danio are active, calm, and a great addition to any fish tank.

4. Siamese Algae Eater


Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese are peaceful fish that are fun and social in a community tank. It is a freshwater fish that will help to keep the amount of algae in your aquarium at minimum levels.

They are low maintenance fish and do not require a high level of care to thrive, though they need at least a 55 gallon tank.

Siamese algae eater have a brownish beige color and a black stripe that runs over the total length of their bodies. They have a slender and long body, with a mustache that is also known as Rostral barbels.

5. Loaches

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach

There are different types of loaches, clown loach, zebra loach, yoyo loach, pond loach among others.

Loaches are freshwater fish, they are small-sized and their bodies have dark brown spots on a light brown body.

They also have barbels around their mouths, which make them look like they have a small mustache. Their barbels are highly sensitive and are part of the loaches sensory organs.

6. Glass Catfish

Glass Catfish

Glass Catfish

Glass catfish have clear bodies that attract so much attention among aquarists.

Its transparent glass-like body allows you to see through into their bones and organs.

They have a long slender body and grow to about 5 inches.

Glass catfish, like any other catfish, have barbels on their head that resemble a mustache. The barbels extend past their face, out from the nose.

The barbels look more like whiskers, no wonder the name catfish. These barbels make catfish very sensitive to changes in their environment, and some can even perceive electromagnetic waves.

7. Pictus Catfish

Pictus catfish, also known as pictus cat or angel cat, is a popular type of catfish in the aquarium trade and a great addition in any fish tank.

They have popping colors, a white body emphasized with black spots, transparent fins, and huge white barbels that extend down to their caudal fin.

Their bodies are long and slender, and in captivity, they grow to an approximate length of 5 inches. Pictus catfish have an energetic personality and unique characteristics that can make it challenging for novice beginners to keep them healthy. 

8. Bumblebee Catfish

Bumblebee catfish is a lively fish with a diverse display of colors. The bumblebee catfish, as the name suggests, has a black and yellow banding on their body.

Their caudal fin is split into two and their ventral fins are large and splayed.

Bumblebee catfish have extended barbels that project from their long flat head. Bumblebee catfish have a big mouth to help them scavenge effectively.

They are also small in size, approximately 3 inches long, therefore can fit in small aquariums.

9. Hoplo Catfish

Hoplo catfish are social fish that live and thrive in a school. In an aquarium, it is advisable to keep them in a group of five or more, while in the wild they swim in a group of thousands.

They are bottom dwellers in a tank and they can peacefully live with other small fish tank mates such as neon tetras. The hoplos have a brown body with black speckled patterns.

They also have long sensory barbels that most aquarists refer to as mustache. Hoplo catfish are low maintenance fish, they do not need a high level of care, making them ideal for beginners to keep.

10. Synodontis Eupterus Catfish

Synodontis Eupterus Catfish is also known as Featherfin Squeaker. This is a wide-bodied catfish that is originally found in the rivers and lakes of Africa. It has a pale coloring freckled with many dark spots.

Synodontis Euruptus require a moderate level of care, they are sensitive to changes in their environment, and water conditions must be kept at ideal levels for them to thrive.

They are referred to as fish with a mustache because, like any other catfish, they have barbels. Synodontis Eupterus’ barbels are distinct and very flexible, letting them easily seek food and scare away their predators.

Wrapping Up

To keep your aquarium lively and attractive, add one of these fish with a mustache in your fish tank. Different fish have differently formed mustache or barbels.

The mustaches not only make them look attractive, but they also have different other functions for each fish. Which is your favoriet fish with mustache? Let me know in the comments below.

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