Why Is Asian Arowana So Expensive?

Asian Arowana is a fish species that you probably have never heard about or seen. It is considered the world’s most expensive aquarium fish.

The fish, which is found in South Asia’s tropical freshwaters, grows to three feet long in its natural habitat.

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Additionally, it is one of the world’s fiercest predators with a dinosaur-like temperament. Its body is covered by large metallic scales that resemble red coins.

You will also notice long, thin whiskers that jut from the chin of this exceptional fish.

When it moves, it undulates in water to remind you of the Chinese paper dragon common during the New Year celebrations. The Asian people strongly believe that the fish brings good luck and prosperity to individuals who keep them.

They also consider it as a status symbol , explaining the reason why many would gladly commit murder for it.

What Is The Price Of Asian Arowana?

Buying a single Asian Arowana will cost you at least $150,000. So expensive is the fish that some facilities that keep them have installed maximum prison-like security apparatus to guard against its theft.

These farms where the species are produced feature high concrete walls, and fierce security guard dogs.  And that is not all, they have  also installed razor-sharp barbed wires, watchtowers, and surveillance cameras.

Albino Arowana will cost you double the amount of the standard Arowana fish. You will have to spend at least $300,000 to get one.

So valued is this species that it has to be accompanied by police escort to the annual Aquarama International Fish Competition.

The police escort is intended to wade off criminals who want to steal the fish or poison it.

 The endangered Arowana is raised and sold majorly in Southeast Asia.  But handling one in the United States could spell legal disaster for you.

The American laws outlaws keeping, handling or selling the rare species within its soil.  However, recent times have seen up to two million species moving into the states.

Why Is Asian Arowana So Expensive?

 The main reason this rare fish is so costly is that it is rare and in high demand. It is also an endangered species which explains why more people want to keep them. And in Asia, the Arowana is tied up with strong cultural beliefs.

The Asian people believe that the fish is an avenue to unlimited luck and prosperity. Besides, the species is very difficult to breed in captivity. They only breed in their natural habitats, and one cannot, therefore, multiply their population without losing them first.

Besides, the Asian people, who also refer to the Arowana as the dragon fish, use them as a status symbol.

Now, there are millions upon millions of Asian people. If each one of them desires to own an Arowana fish ostensibly to bring success and fortune, then the price will obviously shoot with the high demand.

What is the Price of the other Arowana Types?

Typically Arowana belongs to the osteoglossidae family of fish species. The fish species has gained immense popularity in the aquarium industry in recent times.

This has pushed the prices of this rare fish to astronomical levels. It is common to find avid fish collectors spending millions of dollars to buy the Arowana fish for their color variant and unique beauty.

Basically, the fish can be sourced from places like Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. However, the Asian Arowana is the priciest and is listed as an endangered species. They are also the most popular within the aquarium industry circles.

The fact that they are listed as endangered species means  you cannot buy the wild-caught types, but you can still purchase the captivity breed, which comes with a microchip placed in their bodies.

But what are the prices of the different kinds of Arowana? Well, Arowana types include:

  • The red-tailed gold Arowana
  • Green Arowana
  • Albino Arowana
  • Gold cross back
  • Blue Arowana
  • American silver arowana
  • Super red Arowana
  • Pearl Arowana
  • Chili red Arowana
  • High back Arowana
  • Black African arowana

Arowana prices differ according to the type and regions they are found.   Firstly, we will look at the more affordable lot. And the cheapest in this category is the American silver Arowana. You will spend between $ 600 to $ 800 to own one.

The other cheaper option is the pearl Arowana, which will cost you $200 to $300. The pearl gold Arowana is pricier and will cost you between $ 600 to $ 800.

Secondly, let’s look at the expensive variety. You will have to spend $25,000 to $35,000 to buy the red-tailed gold Arowana. The green Arowana will cost you even more at $40000 to$50000 per piece, depending on the farm you are sourcing.

 If you prefer owning the chili red or the golden Arowana, get ready to spend between $70,000 and $150,000.

The albino Arowana is the most expensive and will cost you anything between $200,000 to $300,000. It is important to note that prices tend to change from one farm and region to another.

Difference Between Male and Female Arowana

It could be a daunting task to determine the genders of Arowana, especially before they reach the breeding age.

Although both sexes possess the same mouth structure, some fish experts reckon that the male gender has a slightly bigger mouth, which they use to store the eggs.

Besides, some people believe that arowanas with smaller heads, shorter gill plates, and broader bodies are typically female. However, if you want to be sure you can use DNA testing to determine the gender of the fish.

And because of the challenge that comes with differentiating the genders, it is hard to come up with a specific price tag for any particular gender. However, some farms will charge you more for a female Arowana.


If you are an aquatic life lover and can afford it, consider getting an Asian Arowana. However, determine first if your country allows you to keep the rare species.

The Asian Arowana is a fantastic fish species whose value keeps rising with each passing day. Enhance your living room beauty with one today.

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