10 Fun & Interesting Facts about Goldfish

Goldfish are the most popular pet fish species on our planet. Every modern family has owned a goldfish at least once, especially if there are any kids around. Moreover, they can be even won at local trade games, and they are often brought home in a simple glass bowl.

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Not entirely humane, but still immensely popular around our world. And yes, goldfish make one of the most common pets in general, but that does have to mean that they are common creatures. In fact, we have prepared a list of the 10 most fun and interesting facts about them, in order to prove this theory wrong.

1. Goldfish can See more Colors than Humans

Our world is far more colorful to goldfish than it is to us. While we are able of seeing various combinations of 3 primary colors only, goldfish go a step further and can actually see 4 of them. Thanks to that, they are able to see ultraviolet lights, too. This allows them seeing various movements around the water much, much easier.

2. They have a Sixth Sense

Goldfish feature a lateral line, which is an organ consisting out of minute spots placed towards the lateral side of their body. Such lateral line allows them to feel the pressure changes across water. More precisely when it comes to currents. Or vibrations from other fish swimming around.

3. Without enough Light, Goldfish can become White

Light helps goldfish to produce enough pigments in order to achieve their usually vivid coloration. So, when there is not enough light around, they consequentially will not be able of producing such color pigments.

And yes, as you may have already guessed it right, the body color of your goldfish will soon start becoming more and more pale. Finally, if the absence of light lasts for a longer period of time, your precious pet may even become white at some point.

4. Your Pet Goldfish Can Recognize your Face

Recent studies have proven that goldfish are not just smart pets. Moreover, they can recognize their human keepers once they enter the room. Not just by their voice, but also when seeing their faces. How amazing is that?

And here is one extra fun fact for you: goldfish can also distinguish songs from different artists! You may soon be enjoying your favorite ones along with your aquatic friends.

5. They have a Longer Lifespan when Compared to most other Pet Fish Species

If we take in consideration that smaller and medium sized fish usually survive anywhere from 2 to 10 years, goldfish have the natural predispositions of sticking around your home for much, much longer. Although a general average for pet goldfish is around 15 years, this can be extended to even 30 or more with proper care.

Unfortunately, the average lifespan of these adorable creatures is often reduced because of either unresponsible or not informed owners. It is a common mistake for people to keep their goldfish inside simple glass bowls.

This is no proper home for any fish, but especially for decently sized ones such as goldfish. They may survive for several years if their water is frequently changed, but they can certainly not thrive. Moreover, one could define this as a cruel home for a fish.

6. Goldfish can be Trained to Perform Tricks

Goldfish are highly intelligent fish which really love interacting with their humans. They are active, playful, and they are easy to be trained. As long as you are willing to put enough efforts into their training sessions (as well as enough treats to reward them), you may be soon facing a real entertainer.

You may teach them to guide a tiny ball along the water surface, to jump out of the water, or even to jump through some cool obstacles. It is never boring with these guys.

7. They do Not have a Stomach

When feeding goldfish, it is crucially important to dose their meals properly. Why? Because they have no stomach. Instead of that, they have a pretty long intestine, which is capable of digesting food very quickly and delivering the nutrients to all the right places.

As a consequence of having no stomach, they digest food extremely fast, meaning that they also need to expel their waste pretty soon. Keeping their water clean and clear is, therefore, a bit of a challenge across smaller tanks.

8. Goldfish can sometimes Eat their Own Poop

Closely related to the previously described fun fact, goldfish also tend to eat their own poop sometimes. Well, not a pretty sight to the eyes of the observer, but still a completely natural and normal activity for these adorable creatures.

Since their digestive system runs nutrients quite quickly through their body, they may sometimes need to re-eat these nutrients (from their poop), in order to get what they need.

9. They are Related to Koi Fish

Both koi fish and goldfish are descendants of carps, meaning that they are actually distant cousins. If you observe them well, you may even notice a few similarities yourself.

The typically vivid orange body coloration of goldfish is also vastly present among koi carps. Plus, they too have no stomach, but they also share similar body shapes and temperaments. And yes, they can even breed between each other.

10. Goldfish can Emit Sounds

Goldfish have the capability of hearing various sounds thanks to their inner ears as well as to their lateral line, which we mentioned a few fun facts before. However, they can also emit sounds. Modern research has proven that these smart creatures are able of creating sounds similar to what we know as squealing, but in a lighter version.

They obtain such sounds thanks to their noses, which they move in a particular way while eating. But also, when they are defending their territory from other fish. How amazing is that? And no, we humans are not gifted enough to hear them. Perhaps in a next life.

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